Summer Rain…

Yesterday was technically/literally/officially the first day of the Summer season.

But when I was a kid…

I grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The summer I was to turn 10, the weather acclimated itself to a frightening, but beautiful routine.

Every afternoon, at around 3:00-4:00pm, we would be blessed with a violent, amazing thunderstorm.

It was like clockwork.

Sitting by the large bay window of my kitchen, or the thinly veiled window of my front door, I would be rewarded every afternoon with a splendid display of torrential rains, exhilarating light displays, and the deafening thrill of an early evening thunderstorm.

At the time, the regular occurrence helped me get over my fear of the boom-clash-boom-clash of nature’s angry daily exhibit.

But today, I miss the regularity. These days, I spend almost every one of my adult afternoons basking in the oppressive, dense Atlanta heat, hoping and praying for the beautiful reprieve of a real afternoon thunderstorm. But as of now, these days, I have rarely gotten the chance to see such an awe-inspiring sight.

Tonight, I hear the rumbling-bumblings of a short-lived late storm quickly passing through. Sadly, it’s just not the same.

Maybe next summer.


One Response to “Summer Rain…”

  1. I must say, I’m enjoying browsing your blog. :)

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