10 (+1) Honest Truths…

Hey blog friends!

I saw this meme on another blog a few weeks ago, and although I can’t remember where (I’m a bad blogger, always forgetting my sources lol) I thought I’d do my own. Here’s a list of 10 brutally honest things about me…

1. Every year, I start faking my age about a month early. (I love my birthday!)

2. I HATE my boobs…. but I love my butt :) So much so, that whenever my gym routine starts to eat away at it, I stop. How crazy is that?! lol.

3. I tend to push away more people than I embrace… There are so very few people I truly believe I can trust with my deep dark secrets… And moreover very few people whose company I can consistently and reliably enjoy. I find certain people’s additudes towards life SO grating. Like a full-set across a chalkboard.

4. I am a hopelessly complicated hybrid between a nerd and an artist. I can explain some useless scientific fact one minute, and sketch a still life in the next. Both halves of my brain are in constant fight for domination…. lol

5. I get a little OCD when it comes to cleaning/organization lol. Unfettered chaos makes me twitch….

6. My list of the best things I’ve ever done starts like this: Going natural, starting this blog, taking time off after college, getting my puppy.

7. I cannot control my facial reactions when I see some rachetassness/tomfoolery/silliness happening in front of me. You WILL get the #boobooface…. So act right. lol.

8. If I could travel to any place in the world, I would want to go to: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil or  Jakarta, Indonesia.

9. As much as I gripe about the abomination that is Atlanta Crunk Rap, I’ll “Dougie”, “Lean Wit’ It”, “Walk it Out” and “Snap my Fingahz” with the best of them. lol.

10. I have an fanatical, borderline unhealthy obsession with “Grey’s Anatomy”. I mean I’m a diehard fan lol, I even stuck by them through the “Crazy Izzie” days of season 5. I have watched every existing episode at least 3 times, and I can’t wait for Season 7. Shonda Rhimes is a genius lol.

11. (Bonus!) I type “lol” way too much. I’m a true-blue child of the Internet age  *sigh*.

So there you have it folks, a few random tidbits you may not have known about me. Hope you all are starting your weeks off right!


One Response to “10 (+1) Honest Truths…”

  1. NateIsAGirl'sName Says:

    I love this post, and I don’t think I could ever post anything brutally honest on my blog! #3 and #4 resonate with me and I have seperate sets of friends because of #4 ;-)

    Great reading.

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