First and foremost, this is a personal blog. I write about my life, experiences, and opinions as they come and go, so they may change, of course. I hope that you take my advice and suggestions with a hearty dose of discretion. I’m not here to endorse, to make income, or any of that. And of course anything I say here is my point of view, and mine alone.

Secondly, I do my best to keep my blog (and comments) relevant and relatively PG-13, so excessive profanity, stalkerish-ness, spam or unfriendliness may be edited or deleted.

Original content posted here is my property and responsibility, so please respect that. If you would like to share my content with others, please try your best to link back here!

Lastly, I oftentimes pull articles, clips, media etc. from other sites to share with my readers. I do my best to attribute where necessary, but if you feel I have used your content in a way you’re not happy with, please let me know and I will respectfully remove it.

Enough of that. Contact me with any concerns :)

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