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I’m baaaaack!

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Hello lovelies :) Didja miss me?

I know, I know. It’s been forever. :-x But like I said before, my life has been in shambles lately, a whooole lot of mess pulling in a bunch of directions. So what have I been upto? Lets run through it.

1. VEGAS. Yes. I was there. It was unbelievable, I had the most amazing time! Me and 3 of my very good friends jetted out to beautiful, sunny Nevada to live out our own version of “The Hangover”. We went out, saw a show, played tourist, gambled (I won $7.14 y’all. Can we say ballin’?), had In-N’-Out Burger for the first time in life (Dear Lord. If I can eat nothing else for the rest of my life… I’ll never complain again. Amen.), spent WAY too much money, and bonded with my Wolfpack. Vacation of EPIC proportions. Can’t wait for the next one :)

2. Grad School. One interview down, 3 to go! The first one went REALLY well, I have high hopes that  I showed Vandy without a doubt that I am AWESOME. Like, seriously. lol. And Nashville was actually a LOT of fun. A friend of mine was nice enough to take me around town and show me a great time, I had a blast. Who knows…. I may be moving to Tennessee y’all :) lol

3. My Poor Pookie.

Yes. That is the formerly sleek and unblemished driver’s side of my Pookie, otherwise known as my ’09 Camry. *cue the hot salty tears of depression… and pour out a little Turtle Wax for her.* Note to all: I don’t care how little regard you hold for your piece of $#!? car, but I LOVE mine. Blind turns in parking garages have 5mph speed limits FOR A REASON. *sniff*. Stupid ’96 Cavalier. At least the cop was fine though. Officer Jones….. #yesplease. lol.

4. Workworkwork…. and BS co-workers. Any of you who follow me on Twitter knows that I faced quite the debacle with a co-worker last week. #deeeeeepsigh. Lets get one thing straight, shall we? I am many things, but a pushover is not one of them. When I ask you to do something and you don’t, just because I don’t say anything, doesn’t mean I’m not aware of your bull. So don’t act all shocked and surprised when I stop asking you to do stuff. There is NOTHING on this planet I despise more than people who don’t have the decency to follow through when asked for a favor. If you don’t want to do it, SAY NO. Seriously! So that I know not to bother next time. Because I will only put my work integrity in your pathetic, incapable hands so many times before I relegate you to a box reserved for the lazy and irresponsible. Do NOT mess with my job. I take my image at work VERY seriously, and don’t appreciate those who can’t do the same. < /rant >

5. SuperBowl Commercials …meh. Except for these two!:

Greatness. And no, I’m not going to comment on the game this year. I was bored to tears. And the Steelers…. just…. fail.

6. New Ink …Yes I know. I’m an addict. But I can’t help myself lol. Officially saving up for tattoo #6… Once I finalize the design, I’ll share. :)

7. BookyWooks! I’ve been reading up a storm in my web-absence. “The Unnamed” (Joshua Ferris),”Bitch Is The New Black” (Helena Andrews), “Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self” (Danielle Evans), “Naked” (David Sedaris) and always more to come. Each VERY different, but I like the variety. Hit me up for more detailed reviews if you’d like, but I’d recommend them all! Long Live REAL books!

8. Tiger In the wake of the insanity that is my life, I had to give up my baby boo, my dog Tiger. Still miss him something FIERCE! :( Hopefully once my schedule dials back I’ll be able to get another dog…. But I miss my Punkin’ Face. I really hope he found a good family though.

Anyways I should really get back to work… Though this was a nice break, time to mosey on back to the craziness that is my work day. Later folks :)


do the #nerdygirl rock.

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I. Am. A. Nerd.

Always have been. I’m that girl who spends entirely too long clicking the “Random” button on Wikipedia for fun. I’ve been known to read random chapters in my textbooks just out of pure unadulterated curiosity (that’s on TOP of my actual workload, mind you.). I’m that irritating person correcting your grammar, contributing random facts nobody wants/needs to know to otherwise lighthearted conversations, and that sorta-know-it-all who probably knows the answer to that obscure question you just asked, because I thought it was cool, and looked it up last week. I like to know stuff.  #shrug

Yeah. Nerdy. Soooooo nerdy. lol.

And I’ve always been this way. But you know what I’ve noticed, in 20-or so odd years of nerdiness? The world is not nerd-friendly. At ALL. If you’re not Ken Jennings, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, nerds get very little love. If I had a nickel for every person whose eyes glazed over when I tell them what I do, or for every person who trips over themselves running in the opposite direction when I describe my undergrad degree….. I’d be a wealthy girl. lol.

And so in large part, I keep it to myself. Because nobody really wants to know. Most of the time they’re just being polite lol. They’re expecting something more succinct. I sit in silence while my friends discuss their work or their next career steps, because though their jobs escape my expertise, they can much more easily be relayed in laymen’s terms. Nobody wants to hear about the neurobiological or structural correlates of human psychopathology. *feel like browsing elsewhere yet? lol* No matter how interesting I may think that stuff is.

I never share. I never discuss. Mostly because I don’t want to feel like I’m boring people. As much as I love knowing shtuff, it’s hard out here for a nerd! lol

It definitely makes the whole dating scene significantly more complicated. I mean seriously, it may sound elitist and pretentious and I apologize for that, but it definitely narrows the field of available prospects when I have a Ph.D. in my future. (I would like a dude with at least a bachelor’s and aspirations for a higher degree. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.) So I find myself by and large dismissing the “just” high school grads/GED holders/”street entrepreneurs”/college drop-outs/general know-nothings. Because c’mon son. I’m going to be a doctor. lol. (no, it’s not an M.D. but it’s a DOCTORate. So yeah.).

But as grad school approaches and my commitment to this field that I love deepens, and the fact that this will be my career  for like, EVER, gets realer by the day, I realize I need to own up to it a little more. I need to start being proud of the weird way my brain-parts work lol. While my friends own/rock the fields of business and law and medical school and all those great careers that are more mentally accessible for the casual inquirer, I need to learn to pipe up and be like, “Yea Dude. I’m a future black neuroscientist. I can tell you how that gray mushy stuff between your ears functions. And I can tell you why it acts funny sometimes. ASK ABOUT ME!!!” lol.

Yes I’m that one super-nerd in the crowd. I need to stop mumbling “brain stuff” when people ask me what I do. Proudly proclaim that yes, I have a bachelors in a field that some people can’t even pronounce, and I’m going to be one of those “other” doctors one day.

Next time you see me, I’ll be on my Keri Hilson* steez, doing my “Nerdy Girl Rock”. Because honestly, Nerds Rule. lol.


*For the record, Keri DID attend my alma mater. Even if she didn’t graduate. Former Emory Folks stand UP!


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Dedicated to anybody who is realizing they should have put off  joining the “real world”  after college just a liiiiitle bit longer, and who cherish these beautiful things called long weekends. lol.

OMG. so cute. lol. Happy 4th of July Weekend, y’all!

“Someone stop the world…”

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Ever get the feeling that life-in-general has just gotten ahead of itself and you just want EVERYTHING to pause for a few seconds so you can get back on your feet?

Yea, I’m so there.

There has been a LOT going on lately (not all of my life is blog-worthy, haha) and while a lot of it is good things (so I prolly should shut up and stop complaining) it’s just gotten to the point where it’s just exhausting and overwhelming and I just want to crawl into a hole somewhere by myself. My weeks at work either crawl or completely get away from me, and then the weekends roll around and I can’t help but want to be a loser and cuddle with my puppy in my apartment, alone, and not go anywhere. Not that I want to be a recluse or anything, I love going out with my friends, but it’s gotten to a point lately where I just don’t have the right mindset, and I end up making excuses half the time.

A lot of it may just be my overwhelming displeasure with Atlanta. I loved the city, but I think the spark has fizzled. I’m getting restless, I want to go somewhere new…. but I don’t know if I’ll be doing that any time soon (stay tuned).

I just need to get a lot of things back on track, so hopefully I can get my mind right sometime in the near future. Because when I’m in such a funky mood I can’t enjoy the things that are going well!! It all just ends up in a big messy jumble in my head and the chaos of it prevents me from seeing anything else about the situation, other than it’s chaotic. Maybe I should make a list…

  1. Get my finances back in order. They’re not terrible, but I know better, and they should be better. No more random spending…. (another nail in the coffin for my residing so close to Atlantic Station lol. Toooo much temptation.)
  2. Be more social. Not just hitting clubs with my friends either, I need to expand my circle a bit… I need to stop being such a punk about going places that interest me just because nobody wants to come with lol.
  3. Really focus in on my grad school future. Because I do NOT have a choice, I WILL get in. And I’m going to be awesome. So it’s probably a good idea to figure out exactly how awesome I plan to be. lol.
  4. Stick to my guns about who I do and don’t want around me. Just like I’ve been letting other little things slide, I’ve been letting my guard down a lil too much in this area and I’m not liking the results. Certain people come in and out of your life for a reason, I need to remember that
  5. Start doing more with my weekends! Take a walk with my dog and/or camera,  scout for art shows, festivals, meet, greet, enjoy, and LIVE a little. No more Asante-The-Recluse. I already am squirreled away at my cube for 40 hours a week, I need to take better care of my psyche in my downtime.

Ok, that’s a good start, I think. And I know I make a lot of lists, but I swear I do check them every now and again. lol. Glad you all can stomach my self-improvement rants from time to time.

Here’s to getting back on my feet, and heading back in the right direction :) *clink*

Do I really have to go back inside?

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Oh wow, what a sunny day,
I can’t wait to get out and play
Walk down those city streets
Laughin’ at all those city creeps…
–“Woodstock”, Alice Smith

Just came back from outside… My cubicle is soooo far away from the nearest window…. If only I could accomplish my work for the day from outside :(

A stream of consciousness…

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Hey y’all!

It’s been a few days and I was feeling the itch to post, even though there’s nothing in particular going on worth writing about…. lol. A wise person once told me that if you’re going to keep writing, make an effort to do it frequently and regularly, even if you have nothing to write about. I’m always a fan of good advice, so I’m taking it :)

So lets see, what’s new….. Ooh I made some “busstop friends”… lol. Really cool couple, Max and Cory. They live in my complex and ride the same bus as me every morning, and a few weeks ago we were commiserating about the awful cold weather down here and we kinda clicked. Definitely makes standing at the stop in 20-30 degree weather more enjoyable, and Max is hella funny lol. Yay for random friends :)

My friends and I are contemplating a trip to Mardi Gras…. lol I gotta say, I’m mildly nervous. Mardi Gras last year was INSANE, and I’m sure Saints Fever has kicked the celebration up a few thousand notches lol. People apparently got shot on Bourbon St. last weekend…. yikes. But it would be fun….. decisions decisions…
Reason #20893 that I moved South: Snowmageddon. 2 1/2 feet of snow across the Mid-Atlantic, with another 1 1/2-2 expected by the end of the day today. Yea, DMV, you’re mad…. lol. Poor things. At least you don’t have to go to work or school!!… Until March. lol. Enjoy that. (Sidenote: all that cold has still affected MY life in Atlanta…. can we hit 50 degrees again please? I SWEAR I saw a snowflake this morning. Unacceptable.)
Work is… work. lol. On the bright side though my actual patient interaction has been lower recently, so I’ve gotten to focus on things like finishing my paper and helping out with a few others and doing more data analysis. Gotta get that resume in check before the powers that be pull the GTP rug out from under me…. Stupid NIH. Never liked them. lol. And no it has nothing to do with the fact that they denied my job applications two years in a row. Nothing at all. How ya like me now hmmm???? I got publications out the wazooo lol. You wish I worked for you. Be Jealous, NIH. Be jealous.
New (ish) music that I’m obsessed with, Corinne Bailey Rae’s new album is GREAT. I’m so glad she’s back :) And I’m late on the bandwagon, but Sade’s back too?? 2010 is going to be a great year for music. (*fingers crossed*) If you haven’t heard “Soldier of Love” or “I’d Do It All Again” yet, you must. Must must must. Then throw some Melanie Fiona and The Noisettes in the mix (and  yes, I know the Noisettes aren’t new per se, but they’re new to me) aaaaaand you’re in business. *sigh* I really need a new Ipod…. But I have a long history of destroying them. Maybe I’ll just stick to or Pandora lol.
Okie doke I think that does it for today’s brain drain lol. Nothing else I can think of… and I guess I should get back to work. Meh. Later!

Mission Accomplished.

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Happy February everyone! So this weekend, I went on the hunt for an apparatus that would make my mornings infinitely less unpleasant: something to make coffee with. lol. I was convinced, the long, groggy trek to the bus stop every morning and the reluctant prep for work would be much improved by the addition of a cup of coffee before work (since having a cup once I’m AT work and already conscious wasn’t doing anything but cultivating a caffeine addiction lol.

So I started my search at the most logical location: Starbucks.


Then, as tempting a location as it is, I tried IKEA. I fought my way through all manner of tantalizing home objects (paused for a full 10 minutes in a room display that matched the size of my apartment…. *sigh* I still want that chair. And those curtains. And that plant. And that lamp… And that bed set. I could go on. )

And I emerged victorious with ONLY the object I came for: A $14.99 French Press! lol. Add a $7.00 bag of Starbucks Sumatra ground coffee, and we’re in business.

Made my first cup this morning…. Delish. I actually managed to get dressed and out of the house in time for the early bus, got to work on time, annnd have soo much motivation to get stuff done right now.

My mornings will never be the same lol. Hope you all get to enjoy your Monday as much as I’m about to lol.