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Summertime Tunes

Posted in happyness, Life, music, playlist, summertime on 06/30/2010 by asante

Hey y’all!

So I don’t know about you all, but as crazy as this Atlanta heat can be, I’ve been finding every available opportunity to put my sunroof and super-big sunglasses to use….

I love-Love-LOVE sunlight. I really think I may have been some sort of plant in another life… I definitely get an energy boost in the sunshine.

(SIDENOTE: Seriously, Evolution, photosynthesis definitely should have been one of those things we got to keep. Oops, my nerd is showing… lol)

Anyways, let me stop rambling off topic. The point of this post was for me to share some of my favorite songs to blast in the car on one of those awesome, beautiful, top-down/windows open sunshiney days. You all know the type of song I’m talking about. Great beat, lyrics you can’t help but sing along to, the type of tunes that have you bouncing around in the driver’s seat looking like a total dork on the highway… Oh wait… maybe that’s just me. lol. Here’s some of my tops, feel free to add your own :)

Check out the list after the cut.

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