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I’m baaaaack!

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Hello lovelies :) Didja miss me?

I know, I know. It’s been forever. :-x But like I said before, my life has been in shambles lately, a whooole lot of mess pulling in a bunch of directions. So what have I been upto? Lets run through it.

1. VEGAS. Yes. I was there. It was unbelievable, I had the most amazing time! Me and 3 of my very good friends jetted out to beautiful, sunny Nevada to live out our own version of “The Hangover”. We went out, saw a show, played tourist, gambled (I won $7.14 y’all. Can we say ballin’?), had In-N’-Out Burger for the first time in life (Dear Lord. If I can eat nothing else for the rest of my life… I’ll never complain again. Amen.), spent WAY too much money, and bonded with my Wolfpack. Vacation of EPIC proportions. Can’t wait for the next one :)

2. Grad School. One interview down, 3 to go! The first one went REALLY well, I have high hopes that  I showed Vandy without a doubt that I am AWESOME. Like, seriously. lol. And Nashville was actually a LOT of fun. A friend of mine was nice enough to take me around town and show me a great time, I had a blast. Who knows…. I may be moving to Tennessee y’all :) lol

3. My Poor Pookie.

Yes. That is the formerly sleek and unblemished driver’s side of my Pookie, otherwise known as my ’09 Camry. *cue the hot salty tears of depression… and pour out a little Turtle Wax for her.* Note to all: I don’t care how little regard you hold for your piece of $#!? car, but I LOVE mine. Blind turns in parking garages have 5mph speed limits FOR A REASON. *sniff*. Stupid ’96 Cavalier. At least the cop was fine though. Officer Jones….. #yesplease. lol.

4. Workworkwork…. and BS co-workers. Any of you who follow me on Twitter knows that I faced quite the debacle with a co-worker last week. #deeeeeepsigh. Lets get one thing straight, shall we? I am many things, but a pushover is not one of them. When I ask you to do something and you don’t, just because I don’t say anything, doesn’t mean I’m not aware of your bull. So don’t act all shocked and surprised when I stop asking you to do stuff. There is NOTHING on this planet I despise more than people who don’t have the decency to follow through when asked for a favor. If you don’t want to do it, SAY NO. Seriously! So that I know not to bother next time. Because I will only put my work integrity in your pathetic, incapable hands so many times before I relegate you to a box reserved for the lazy and irresponsible. Do NOT mess with my job. I take my image at work VERY seriously, and don’t appreciate those who can’t do the same. < /rant >

5. SuperBowl Commercials …meh. Except for these two!:

Greatness. And no, I’m not going to comment on the game this year. I was bored to tears. And the Steelers…. just…. fail.

6. New Ink …Yes I know. I’m an addict. But I can’t help myself lol. Officially saving up for tattoo #6… Once I finalize the design, I’ll share. :)

7. BookyWooks! I’ve been reading up a storm in my web-absence. “The Unnamed” (Joshua Ferris),”Bitch Is The New Black” (Helena Andrews), “Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self” (Danielle Evans), “Naked” (David Sedaris) and always more to come. Each VERY different, but I like the variety. Hit me up for more detailed reviews if you’d like, but I’d recommend them all! Long Live REAL books!

8. Tiger In the wake of the insanity that is my life, I had to give up my baby boo, my dog Tiger. Still miss him something FIERCE! :( Hopefully once my schedule dials back I’ll be able to get another dog…. But I miss my Punkin’ Face. I really hope he found a good family though.

Anyways I should really get back to work… Though this was a nice break, time to mosey on back to the craziness that is my work day. Later folks :)


my mantra :)

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I wish I had known there was more to this quote! My tattoo would gave been a lil’ more awesome.

my life on impulse.

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I don’t know what got me thinking about this today, but I have  spontaneity on the brain this morning. Reminiscing about moments that I just didn’t giveadamn, and just DID something. lol. Sadly, those moments are a bit few/far between for me, but I intend on changing that in the future. lol.

As for me, the most impulsive thing I’ve ever done?

My fifth tattoo.

Those who know me will probably think “Pshhhhh you’ve got plenty of those. What’s the deal?”

It was for me though, lol. My other 4 spent at least 8-10 months in the making before I inked ’em. Y’all know by now that I overthink EVERYTHING I do.  This one, however, was borne out of a rainy night in South Beach, Miami when it was too early to go home, too late to stand in line at a club, and I had a vacation mindset and $$ to blow… lol. This also happened at 2am. Sound impulsive yet?

I really love it though. I was terrified that I would wake up the next day and be like… “You’re an idiot. You got a tattoo on your head. Nobody will ever hire you for the rest of your life. GTFOH.

But then my best friend looked me in the face and told me: “Stop freaking out. It looks like you’ve had it all your life. It fits you perfectly. And you can barely see it.” (<<One of the many reasons I love her :)

So I guess impulse looks better on me than I thought.

Something to keep in mind.

People can be SO rude.

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Newsflash: I have tattoos.

5 of them, to be exact. And never before have I been so offended  for the simple fact of  having tattoos as I was this morning. It’s another chapter in “Asante’s Awful Marta Experiences”! lol. Let’s get some background.

The public transportation Gods do not like me. At all. My friend said it best: I have the worst luck on the MARTA. I meet the most offensive, rude, obnoxious people, and I don’t quite know what I’ve done to deserve it lol.

I’ve been sat ON. I’ve been pushed. I’ve been yelled at. I’ve had buses cruise past my stop like I’m invisible. I get inappropriate stares and comments by the bucketful. But the man I encountered this morning took the cake, people, let me tell you.  I’ll set the stage…

Scene: Southbound MARTA Train, approaching Civic Center station. Train is moderately crowded, there is an Impeccably Dressed Gay Businessman standing near my seat, by the door. As patient interaction at work is relatively low lately, I’m dressed more casual than normal: denim capris, white top, coral cardigan.

Train begins to brake.

IDGB: [Glances down at me, apparently catching glimpses of a few of my tattoos. Opens his mouth to speak, with a sneer and an obvious air of contempt.] “Well aren’t you… ‘decorated‘. Hm. I’m sure you’re not going to work today!”

A: [Silently glaring, obviously offended, secretly willing he trips and falls down several flights of  stairs in the very near future.]

Train stops, doors open, IDGB prances off into the station.

End Scene.

How rude is that?! I mean OK, I can understand the fact that people still aren’t exceptionally accepting of tattoos. I get that. And though IDGB may have had his reasons for disagreeing with my life choice, he had ABSOLUTELY no place to voice those opinions to my face, thereby not only making me uncomfortable, but basically assuming that he had a right to judge me for being myself.

Dear IDGB: Screw you.

Screw you for the brief second of self-doubt and insecurity you created in my head. For transiently making me think that my intelligence, my credibility  as a person, as a professional, and as a freaking MARTA customer is in some way diminished by the fact that I have chosen to decorate my body with tattoos.

Yes, some of my tattoos are rather conspicuous (my wrist, behind my ear, my ankle). Yes, I put them there after careful thought. No, I don’t regret a single one. You don’t have to like them. You don’t have to like me. You don’t have to like any person with tattoos, whether it’s some small design you can barely see or some obnoxious symbol across the center of their face. But you owe the person behind the ink the same respect you would give to any un-“decorated” person.

I think my tattoos are beautiful. I am extremely happy that not only have I managed to find designs that are meaningful to me, but that I can take pride in sharing and explaining them to others. Honestly, understanding people’s tattoos can be a really great way to get to know them. I’m sure the vast majority of people with tattoos will tell you that there is a lot more behind the ink than you could understand with a simple condescending glance.

So to those who believe that you are somehow better than me and the other inked ladies and gents of the world, hopefully you’ll step off that pedestal one of these days. Because tattooed people are freakin’ awesome.

And one day, when we’re old and wrinkly, we’ll be more colorful than you.

Why can’t I just be me?

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I’ve just about had it with closed minded people. I mean, really, who are YOU to tell me how MY life choices will play out? When they CLEARLY don’t affect you. This all stems from my ride to work this morning. (Between this lady and the one who SAT ON ME a few weeks ago, I’m not having much luck with the MARTA…. *sigh*.)

As i mentioned a few posts ago, I have a brand new tattoo on my wrist that I’m currently healing (1-2 weeks of peeling and itchyness before the final product is done and the skin is no longer “wounded” you could say). So when I got to my bus stop, I sat next to my fellow public transit-ers and pulled a bottle of lotion out of my bag, because my tattoo looked a little dry. Going about my business, out of the corner of my eye I see the woman next to me staring as if there is some heinous growth protruding from my wrist, and she proceeds to sneer:

“You know those… things don’t come off, right?”

No, I wasn’t aware. I just spent my time, creativity, and hard earned money on something that I want to get rid of in the next few weeks, because YOU don’t approve. (ok, no, i didn’t say all that, but what i did say was:)

“I’m aware. That was kind of the point.”

THAT just set her off. Cue the self-righteous ranting… *sigh*. I tuned most of it out, but the main gist was, “You kids will never make anything of yourselves with all these things all over you, how is anybody supposed to take you seriously when you get to college or get a job (sidenote, i’m getting kind of sick of people thinking i’m a highschooler) They’re just so hideous/gruesome/unneccessary, and so offensive to other people around you” etc. etc.

Cue me staring blankly, in shock, with my mouth hanging open. Finally my bus came. I didn’t even know how to respond after that point. I mean, I’ve had some rude stares (the conspicuous head-tilt to read my ankle etc.) but I have NEVER been approached so disrespectfully in my LIFE. For ANYTHING. First of all, where does she get off telling me what I will/won’t make of myself? Last time I checked, not only was I a BLACK graduate of both a prestigious private high school and a Top 20 university, I’m employed, and well on my way to a professional degree. In a subject that would probably boggle her hopelessly closed mind. And since when do my personal external style choices have anything to do with my mental or professional capabilities? Who the hell are you to decide my future based on a barely two-inch tattoo on my wrist that you probably would have never noticed if I hadn’t been fawning over it at that exact moment? (ignoring the fact that I wore cropped pants to work today and my ankle was also visible. lol.)

As I sat on the remainder of my bus/train ride to work (with no scarcity of condescending glances from the same woman, I might add) it really got me thinking; why are people so loath to accept someone who chooses a different path to success than their own? Whether it be career choice or hair style or God-forbid, a tattoo or a piercing, what makes it so wrong for me to do something that is different from what you do? Clearly we’re two different people, so why can’t I be the person I want, since it doesn’t affect you in the least?

I actually had a conversation with my tattoo artist, Keet (mad props to him, my wrist looks great :) on this subject while he was working on my wrist. He had a very different opinion, of course, and was talking about how hard it is for someone like himself, who is covered in tattoos from head to toe, to leave his comfort zone (the sub-culture world of artists, tattoos, piercings etc.) and go into the “real world” like the airport or the supermarket, without everybody thinking he’s a freak of nature. It’s not for the faint hearted, he quipped. He was happy for me for taking that next step in putting a piece on my body that is hard to ignore, as opposed to the 3 others I have that are very easily hidden. Not like I have any intention of being quite that decorated, but putting these pieces of art (yes, ART damnit) on my body isn’t hurting anybody else. Why is it such a big deal to the rest of the world?

Like it or not, it’s a personal choice. Just like you may choose to part your hair in the middle, when the trend this season is heavy straight bangs, or you may wear white after labor day because the dress was on sale, or maybe you feel like bringing back the House Party High-top fade, or wearing a blouse that looks like a Marcia Brady hand-me-down. It was your choice. I can have my opinions about whatever choice you made, but at the end of the day, it was not my decision, not my path, and that’s the end of it.

I ask you, evil bus-lady, did it really improve your day to berate me at the bus stop this morning, when you’ll probably never be “disrespected” by my body art again in your lifetime? No. You’re just going to be pissed off everytime you see someone’s body art, and every one you see is going to stress you out a little bit more, and raise your blood pressure a few more points, until the only person you’re affecting is yourself. Do us all a favor, Bus Lady, and everyone like you: Keep your nasty, offensive, condescending remarks to yourself. Just because you don’t have the courage to step out of your impossibly tiny black and white world is no reason to impinge upon the colorful, rich and fulfilling existences of the less rigid folks around you. I like my world, my life, AND my body with quite a bit more decoration than yours. Deal with it.

Bad, bad me.

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So I’m officially a bad influence on my siblings…. My mother was right lol. My younger sister got her navel pierced the other day, and I can’t help but think that it was my fault! lol. The two of us have a very bizarre relationship in which we get along much better the further away from each other we are, and she used to sneer and condescend when it came to my tatts/piercings. Now 4 years of me being away at school, and she’s headed down the same path. And she’s considering a tattoo too…. lol what have i done??? I mean it’s not like it’s a huge deal, she paid for it herself, and she’s old enough to get it. It just makes me feel mad old that she has even gotten to the point where she CAN make that decision on her own. I’m definitely having issues dealing with her getting older :( and she’s starting college soon too?? yikes. Someone please transport me back 10 years or so when things were normal and I wasn’t old as heck. Or if not, in the meantime, hide me from my mother, because she’s going to kill me. lol.