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Happy New Year!!!

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Hey all,

So a week and a half of crazy family-ness has turned me into a neglectful blogger, but I figured while I’m recuperating from my 10 hour drive from DC, the least I could do was update my blog about my holidays.

Christmas: Well Christmas was freakin’ awesome :). I finally got to cook my meal, I threw DOWN on Christmas dinner all by myself (mostly) and let me say, it was a resounding success :) Check out my menu:

Turkey, Duck, and 2 Chickens (which were brined and marinaded overnight to juicy deliciousness)
Green Apple Stuffing
Green Bean Casserole
Pinto Beans
Macaroni and Cheese (Courtesy of F and his Mom)
Turkey Gravy
Cranberry Sauce
and for desert….
Bourbon Pecan Pie (again, Courtesy of F and his Mom)
and Cherry Cheese Cake

I’ll give you all a few seconds to stop drooling. lol. I’m a BEAST in the kitchen!!! Ask about me :)

After that, took a crazy but well-worth-it tourist-y day trip to NYC a few days before New Years, which was SOOO much fun. These two are definitely two of my favorite people on earth;

We saw just about every cliche’d Manhattan tourist spot we could–on foot. lol. Yes, we hoofed it from Battery Park to Rockefeller Center. 53-ish blocks. lol. Here’s what we saw:
The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island; Ground Zero; The Brooklyn Bridge, The Financial District: NYSE, Trinity Church, The Charging Bull; Chinatown; The Empire State Building; Times Square; aaaaand last but not least, Rockefeller Center (though it was waaaaaaaaaaay too cold to ice skate. lol).
Then we caught the subway back, which was… interesting…. waaaaay different from the DC metro lol. but it was an experience nonetheless.
Last up, New Years Eve. Hung out with some of my closest DMV peoples for a nice chill hotel shindig (although apparently I passed out around 2am… whoops. lol. a Lil Pong, some Andre, and good company made for a great, relaxing, and entertaining way to enter 2010. I can’t wait to see what this year will hold… see a few posts earlier for my 2010 New Years resolutions… I plan on doing my best to keep them, promise.
Let’s see, what else, what else….
1. Oooh my hair is growing!!! I did a few co-washes while I was home, stuck to my twist-outs (which are improving, I might add) and my hair definitely seems to be growing at ridiculously awesome rates. 
2. Tiger had waaaaaaaaaaay too much fun @ my parent;s house lol… Can we say spoiled rotten? He seems to be readjusting pretty well though. Such a baby lol. And he got to see snow for the first time! He loved it, lol. especially once he got past the whole “Snow is cold and wet” thing lol.
3. I got to spend my Christmas holiday not only with #2 and #3 and my parents, but I got to spend the whole break with F(!!!!) and see my cousin Mrs. R. and her husband (!!!!) and my very prettiest cousin, M (lol). Bravo to this Winter Holiday all around :)
Aaaanyways, that’s enough for catch-up. I’ll post pictures of my holiday break soon!
Merry (Belated) ChristmaHanuKwanzaaNewyear to all!

Can we get through Thanksgiving first? Please?

Posted in Family, food, hobbies, The Holidays, ugh. on 11/11/2009 by asante

So back home, there’s a soft rock station called WASH-FM (97.1). Every year, once the holidays get into full swing, they play  non-stop Christmas music straight through until New Years. Now while I appreciate the concept (I LOVE Christmas lol, and all that goes with it) I do have one gripe.

Christmas does NOT immediately follow Halloween.

It is entirely UNACCEPTABLE that I’ve seen snowflakes and red window displays and Holiday Walmart commercials already, and I haven’t succumbed to a tryptophan-induced coma yet.

WTF people?? Can’t we give the turkey farmers their holiday? lol. And that station I mentioned above? They’ve shifted their Christmas music up a month. Instead of starting right after Thanksgiving, which is proper and good and totally understandable, they now start Christmas Music after Halloween. So I get to listen to “Jingle Bells” and “Ave Maria” while I’m trying to baste my turkey? No thanks.

Lets give all the holidays their due lol. I for one am a huge fan of Thanksgiving, mainly because I loooooooove to cook. My mom was sick last year, so I basically cooked dinner myself, and let me tell you, it was diviiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. 22 pound turkey, Gravy and Stuffing, Green Bean Casserole, Herb Mashed Potatoes, Pinto Beans, Lasagna, aaaaaand an Apple Pie (ok, that was out of the box lol.). Yummmmm.

Yeah, I know. You’re all drooling into your keyboards. lol. I’m like the African Emeril. :)

Honestly, any day where it’s socially acceptable for me to spend all day cooking and then eat myself into a mild stupor is A-OK with me lol. So no more discounting Thanksgiving.

The next inappropriately early Christmas decoration I see, I’m confiscating. You can have it back on November 27th.