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my life on pause….

Posted in catching up, FML, Life, Me, randomness on 01/31/2011 by asante

To all 3 of my frequent readers, I apologize :-x

I have a LOT on my plate and very little space at the moment in my brain for writing stuff that I want, and as usual the blog has fallen by the wayside. But fear not! Once a few of these grad school interviews (!!!) are laid to rest, I’ll be able to focus on the brighter side of my life :)

There has just been SO much going on lately! Work is nuts, trying my hardest to be a good friend/family member/academic/employee/human being is kind of draining me. Not to mention the weather is freakin’ depressing in GA lately (finally starting to turn around though, did you witness this past weekend?! Gorgeous.).

But yes, suffice it to say…


But I’ll be back soon. Promise :)

As always,


People can be SO rude.

Posted in beautiful, FML, happyness, Ink/Holes, Life, Me, rant, ugh. on 07/28/2010 by asante

Newsflash: I have tattoos.

5 of them, to be exact. And never before have I been so offended  for the simple fact of  having tattoos as I was this morning. It’s another chapter in “Asante’s Awful Marta Experiences”! lol. Let’s get some background.

The public transportation Gods do not like me. At all. My friend said it best: I have the worst luck on the MARTA. I meet the most offensive, rude, obnoxious people, and I don’t quite know what I’ve done to deserve it lol.

I’ve been sat ON. I’ve been pushed. I’ve been yelled at. I’ve had buses cruise past my stop like I’m invisible. I get inappropriate stares and comments by the bucketful. But the man I encountered this morning took the cake, people, let me tell you.  I’ll set the stage…

Scene: Southbound MARTA Train, approaching Civic Center station. Train is moderately crowded, there is an Impeccably Dressed Gay Businessman standing near my seat, by the door. As patient interaction at work is relatively low lately, I’m dressed more casual than normal: denim capris, white top, coral cardigan.

Train begins to brake.

IDGB: [Glances down at me, apparently catching glimpses of a few of my tattoos. Opens his mouth to speak, with a sneer and an obvious air of contempt.] “Well aren’t you… ‘decorated‘. Hm. I’m sure you’re not going to work today!”

A: [Silently glaring, obviously offended, secretly willing he trips and falls down several flights of  stairs in the very near future.]

Train stops, doors open, IDGB prances off into the station.

End Scene.

How rude is that?! I mean OK, I can understand the fact that people still aren’t exceptionally accepting of tattoos. I get that. And though IDGB may have had his reasons for disagreeing with my life choice, he had ABSOLUTELY no place to voice those opinions to my face, thereby not only making me uncomfortable, but basically assuming that he had a right to judge me for being myself.

Dear IDGB: Screw you.

Screw you for the brief second of self-doubt and insecurity you created in my head. For transiently making me think that my intelligence, my credibility  as a person, as a professional, and as a freaking MARTA customer is in some way diminished by the fact that I have chosen to decorate my body with tattoos.

Yes, some of my tattoos are rather conspicuous (my wrist, behind my ear, my ankle). Yes, I put them there after careful thought. No, I don’t regret a single one. You don’t have to like them. You don’t have to like me. You don’t have to like any person with tattoos, whether it’s some small design you can barely see or some obnoxious symbol across the center of their face. But you owe the person behind the ink the same respect you would give to any un-“decorated” person.

I think my tattoos are beautiful. I am extremely happy that not only have I managed to find designs that are meaningful to me, but that I can take pride in sharing and explaining them to others. Honestly, understanding people’s tattoos can be a really great way to get to know them. I’m sure the vast majority of people with tattoos will tell you that there is a lot more behind the ink than you could understand with a simple condescending glance.

So to those who believe that you are somehow better than me and the other inked ladies and gents of the world, hopefully you’ll step off that pedestal one of these days. Because tattooed people are freakin’ awesome.

And one day, when we’re old and wrinkly, we’ll be more colorful than you.

Apologies and Explanations and Catch-Up

Posted in catching up, F, FML, friends, Home, Life, Me, randomness, rant, ugh., vacation time on 07/09/2010 by asante

Tsk tsk tsk me. Bad blogger. lol

I manage to get all these new awesome fun readers and what do I do? Stop posting. lol. Sorry y’all, but my brain has effectively checked out, and I honestly haven’t been able to think of anything to write. So in an effort to make amends, here’s a definitive, visually-stimulating list of what has been occupying the space between my ears (since properly operating gray-matter is not exactly cutting it lately. lol. excuse the nerdyness.)

1. I’m going on vacation next week folks. And not a “visit people in other cities” type trip. I’m talking sun, sand, drinks, and nothing constructive expected of me other than deepening my skintone. And it’s pretty much consumed my thoughts. lol. I CANNOT wait, I really needed a legit break from life as I know it. *happy dance*

2. So as an aspiring academic, it significantly behooves me to be literarily productive. Unfortunately the snarky folks at a certain journal called “B_________P_________” (I probably shouldn’t publicly badmouth them… In case I need them in the future….) decided to reject my article submission. After a good rousing round of choice 4-letter words screamed within the confines of my apartment, I’ve done my best to get over it and start working on making it even more awesome than before. Take that, reviewers.

3. F and I had a minor-ish fight over the past few days, resulting from a few weeks of a veritable communication breakdown. Of course in any long term, long distance relationship, communication is essential, I think we both just needed a reminder about that. Thankfully all is well again, and things are back to normal. And he’s coming to visit soon!!! (Get your handsome self down here, ASAP, mister. lol. ♥ you :)

[Note: clearly the above picture is NOT me and F…. lol.]


I’m movinnnnnn. Not any large move, jsut across town to a more affordable apartment. But it still requires the boxes and the trucks and the tape and the easily bribed male friends to pick up boxes and furniture and such. *sigh*. Maybe I should start packing… hrm…

Anyways, that is my lame attempt at a photographic explanation to why I haven’t written a significant blog post in almost a week. Here’s hoping I can continue riding the popularity wave from my “Freshly Pressed” post lol.

Anyways, I promise to re-insert my brain into my skull sometime between now aind July 20th. But most likely later than that. #whoops.

Later blogfriends!

I am not my hair… dammit.

Posted in FML, hair, Me, randomness, ugh. on 02/13/2010 by asante

So I experienced my first “hair profiling” situation today….  I was not amused.

Here’s how it went down. I’m minding my own business at the bus station on my way home today. Left early to try and beat the Georgia Driver Snow Freak-out…. wasn’t successful. *Sigh*. driving 2 miles up Peachtree should NOT have taken that long. There was a guy who actually beat the bus WALKING for 6 blocks. Eventually he got on, just because he was cold. lol. Anyways, I digress.

So there I am, waiting for my bus, reading my book (“Manchild in the Promise Land”, by Claude Brown. GREAT book, resurrected it from my high school days.) Cue the befuddled old man with an interest in Af.Am literature.

Old Man: “Can you tell me what year that book was printed?! It’s one of my favorites!!”

Me: “It’s a pretty old copy, 1965. It was cheaper than the copy my highschool tried to sell me [forced cordial laughter]”

Old Man: That’s fantastic. That’s the copy I bought, the year that I joined the Nation. It’s so amazing to be an Imam, I’ve done it for 18 years……

And he’s off!!! Topics included his time in the Nation, meeting Malcolm X, Farrakahn, starting his own house cleaning service with “just the lady across the road”, the problem with Old Negroes in todays society (yes, he said “Old Negroes”), The Nation, The millionaire he’s worked for for 15 years who bought him a dog, “moving on up” from the West End to Buckhead, becoming afro-centric and buying his first kente cloth, The Nation, How black people need to rebel more,  Living in “the North”, Meeting permed-up Al Sharpton, The Nation…. I had officially had it when he used this line: “I can tell that you understand what I mean about the state of us negroes these days, on account of your hair.”

What?! So just because I have chosen to rock a natural ‘do, all of a sudden I’m a militant, power-to-the people, fist pumping Nation of Islam recruit? Seriously? I was doing my best nodding politely until that comment, but I was too through from that point on. Definitely faked a phonecall. lol. I had to get out.

Yea aside from the unnecessary rambling, I’m not a fan of people assuming things about me because of my hair. Just because I don’t have a relaxer/weave doesn’t have anything to do with my political/religious beliefs. Or any other beliefs for that matter.

< /rant>


In the words of Tiger…. Grrrrrrrr.

Posted in Dogs, FML, randomness, sadface, ugh. on 01/07/2010 by asante
This is Tiger.

According to my best guess, he’s an American Pitbull Terrier mix: (will definitely never make it far above 40 pounds, webbed toes, brindle coloring, narrow snout/black fur around snout, short hair, aggressive chewing habit,  floppy ears, lean, muscular build, very vocal/growl-y).

Tiger is probably the sweetest dog you will ever encounter. He has NEVER been aggressive with anyone. He’s a total love muffin. He’s obedient. He’s a complete sweetie, and everyone who’s ever met him (with the exception of Dr. Williams… but he’s a douche) loves him and can’t believe what a good boy he is.


Whenever anyone hears that he’s a pit mix (and by anyone, I mean owners of smaller, or  more pansy-ish dogs) they FREAK OUT and assume that his excitement and desire to love them up is a misguided attempt to bite/attack. WTF??!?!?!?!?

I’m sorry, but just because my dog LOOKS like a TINY percentage of an often stereotyped group of dog breeds (do your research people: so-called “Pitbulls” are actually a collection of at least 3 different acknowledged pure-breeds: Am. Pitbull Terrier, Am. Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier, American Bulldog, ; as well as THOUSANDS of mixed-breed dogs) does not automatically mean that he’s violent.

Lets use an analogy, shall we?

Over the past 10 years or so, as far as public consciousness was concerned, there has been a upswing in the percentage of terrorists against the U.S. who were of Middle Eastern descent (not including the recent Nigerian Terrorist… who is making life difficult for ALL Africans… SMH. anyways..). Likewise, most of the dog bite/attack stories you hear are “pitbulls”. The idea that “all Pitbulls are dangerous” is no more valid a conclusion that “all Middle Eastern people are terrorists”. Maybe I sound like one of those crazy people that treat their dogs like people, but dammit, I love my dog, and am hella irritated that people treat him like crap when they don’t even know him.

Public Service Announcement: My dog is a total pansy. He is probably one of the sweetest, friendliest, most obedient, slightly air-headed dogs you will ever encounter in your lifetime.  He spends his days waiting for the opportunity to meet new people/dogs with the wagging-est butt you’ve ever seen in your life (literally, he wags his entire back end, not just his tail lol.) He lives for the time he gets to spend curled up at/on my feet. Yes, he growls. But never aggressively. If you spend more than 20 minutes with him, you’ll notice that he’s just the type of dog who is used to vocally expressing himself. Yawning, crying, growling, whining, tweeting, chirping, moaning, purring (yes, purring lol) are just how he communicates. Stop freaking out people. And that goes for all “dangerous” breeds. Hearing a news story about one anomalous dog does not mean you know everything about the breed.

Bottom line: Prejudice is not cool. no matter what the species. Human or Canine.

Don’t you know I need my sleep????!??!??!!?!!!

Posted in FML on 12/09/2009 by asante

This morning in my apartment building, someone set off the Fire Alarm. I found out that the management was kind enough to put an industrial strength, eardrum-splitting speaker INSIDE my apartment. And did I mention they can’t find Maintenance to turn the system off? It’s been half an hour. FML.