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Photo Sessions (Courtesy of Mr. Levius Photography)

Posted in D60, happyness, hobbies, photography on 10/31/2009 by asante

Been toying around with Travis’ camera every time I see him… lol. I promise, Travis, that I’m more excited to see you than the camera haha. Figured I’d post some of the shots I’ve taken, with some editing of course. Tell me whatcha think :)

[click to see the full size image]


Santa Baby…

Posted in D60, hobbies, photography on 10/21/2009 by asante

Dear Santa,

I know it’s early, but all this cold weather made me think of you. So I figured I’d get a jump start on my Christmas List. I’ve been (mostly) good this year… Well, more good than bad anyways. And I only want one thing.

Nikon D60. Feel free to split the bill with Mom and Dad (and any one of my oh-so-generous friends lol.) That’s all. See you in a few months!