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do the #nerdygirl rock.

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I. Am. A. Nerd.

Always have been. I’m that girl who spends entirely too long clicking the “Random” button on Wikipedia for fun. I’ve been known to read random chapters in my textbooks just out of pure unadulterated curiosity (that’s on TOP of my actual workload, mind you.). I’m that irritating person correcting your grammar, contributing random facts nobody wants/needs to know to otherwise lighthearted conversations, and that sorta-know-it-all who probably knows the answer to that obscure question you just asked, because I thought it was cool, and looked it up last week. I like to know stuff.  #shrug

Yeah. Nerdy. Soooooo nerdy. lol.

And I’ve always been this way. But you know what I’ve noticed, in 20-or so odd years of nerdiness? The world is not nerd-friendly. At ALL. If you’re not Ken Jennings, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, nerds get very little love. If I had a nickel for every person whose eyes glazed over when I tell them what I do, or for every person who trips over themselves running in the opposite direction when I describe my undergrad degree….. I’d be a wealthy girl. lol.

And so in large part, I keep it to myself. Because nobody really wants to know. Most of the time they’re just being polite lol. They’re expecting something more succinct. I sit in silence while my friends discuss their work or their next career steps, because though their jobs escape my expertise, they can much more easily be relayed in laymen’s terms. Nobody wants to hear about the neurobiological or structural correlates of human psychopathology. *feel like browsing elsewhere yet? lol* No matter how interesting I may think that stuff is.

I never share. I never discuss. Mostly because I don’t want to feel like I’m boring people. As much as I love knowing shtuff, it’s hard out here for a nerd! lol

It definitely makes the whole dating scene significantly more complicated. I mean seriously, it may sound elitist and pretentious and I apologize for that, but it definitely narrows the field of available prospects when I have a Ph.D. in my future. (I would like a dude with at least a bachelor’s and aspirations for a higher degree. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.) So I find myself by and large dismissing the “just” high school grads/GED holders/”street entrepreneurs”/college drop-outs/general know-nothings. Because c’mon son. I’m going to be a doctor. lol. (no, it’s not an M.D. but it’s a DOCTORate. So yeah.).

But as grad school approaches and my commitment to this field that I love deepens, and the fact that this will be my career  for like, EVER, gets realer by the day, I realize I need to own up to it a little more. I need to start being proud of the weird way my brain-parts work lol. While my friends own/rock the fields of business and law and medical school and all those great careers that are more mentally accessible for the casual inquirer, I need to learn to pipe up and be like, “Yea Dude. I’m a future black neuroscientist. I can tell you how that gray mushy stuff between your ears functions. And I can tell you why it acts funny sometimes. ASK ABOUT ME!!!” lol.

Yes I’m that one super-nerd in the crowd. I need to stop mumbling “brain stuff” when people ask me what I do. Proudly proclaim that yes, I have a bachelors in a field that some people can’t even pronounce, and I’m going to be one of those “other” doctors one day.

Next time you see me, I’ll be on my Keri Hilson* steez, doing my “Nerdy Girl Rock”. Because honestly, Nerds Rule. lol.


*For the record, Keri DID attend my alma mater. Even if she didn’t graduate. Former Emory Folks stand UP!


Ph.D. bound…

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…Well, I will be. Eventually. Once I complete my 4-6 years of indentured servitude, commonly known as Graduate School.


Yep, through the grace of some persistently misfiring synapse in my brain, I have the unfaltering desire to go to graduate school. *gulp*.

You could very easily call this story something along the lines of “For Colored Girls who Considered a Doctorate when a Bachelors’ Wasn’t Enuf.” lol.

(I’m silly.)

I’ve heard all sorts of horror stories and naysayers, and even some current grad students who good-natured-ly coax me to run as far as possible in the opposite direction, I really do want to go.

But these applications must DIE.

Applications of any sort just make me painfully anxious. I’ve put these off for months because they just make me twitch with terror. The possibility of making a mistake on one of them that will cost me the possibility of that option, or just the simple fact that someone will be judging me on paper (and I’ll be honest, my academic career thus far doesn’t look so hot on paper…. eek.) It makes me cringe and twitch and want to crawl underneath my desk into  a little ball and drown in unbearable freaked-out-ed-ness.

Tons of people tell me I don’t need to worry too much, because I’m a super minority. A.) I’m black. and B.) I’m female. Not to many of me applying for doctorate Neuroscience programs. So I do have that w0rking in my favor.  But I just don’t like the idea of having to prove myself to somebody. And then the COST of sending these all out? Don’t even get me started. It makes me want to cry a little bit. $380 in application fees. $207 to send test scores. About $100 to send my transcripts. And I only end up going to ONE of these schools, where tuition will be free. #WTFBelanie. Why are they so intent on taking my hard earned money from me?!

Well, I just needed a place to rant. Impending graduate studies matriculation is making me crazy. *Crossing my fingers for a Northwestern interview…….*

Scratch that. Power of positive thinking in this beeyotch!! I WILL impress Dr. Chiao. I WILL get in to Northwestern. I will move to Chicago and be fantastic (with a side of grad-student-broke). I will defy/rebuke anyone and anything that stands in my way. Haters, back up. Future doctor right here.

Just think… Asante K_________, B.S. M.S. Ph.D.

Yes please.


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Dedicated to anybody who is realizing they should have put off  joining the “real world”  after college just a liiiiitle bit longer, and who cherish these beautiful things called long weekends. lol.

OMG. so cute. lol. Happy 4th of July Weekend, y’all!

The 10 most annoying people you will meet in college.

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I’m about a year out of the college game, but staying in the same city as my alma mater has given me an interesting perspective on my college relationships, past and present. Plus, going to an alumni event last night has me reminiscing wayyy hard lol.

Most notably, it gives me an objective look at the type of people Emory seems to be turning out en masse, and the ones I’m glad I’ve been able to avoid since. There’s always going to be people who you don’t get along with in college. Yes, you’ll have your best friends, your crew, your classroom compatriots, but in such a large and varied academic setting, you’re going to get some people who just irk you. So I present, ladies and gents, my list of the annoying people you may meet in college. (Just poking fun, I don’t mean to offend :)

1. “I took an African American Studies course and sat on a committee, therefore my opinion of the black race is better and more valid than yours.” [extra points if this person is NOT African American. lol]

2. “No, actually, I don’t do anything or associate with anyone who isn’t involved with my fraternity/sorority. And I don’t own clothing in any other colors.”

3. “I haven’t been to class in 3 weeks… I prefer  wasting my parents hard-earned tuition money because they’ll employ me after graduation anyways.”

4. “What are you doing? Can I come over? “Please? I want to hang out too!! *whiny voice optional*”

5. “I chose to go here instead of [Insert Ivy League School Here] because [Insert barely believeable, pseudo-intellectual reasoning here].” *Only valid if you didn’t go to an Ivy League school, of course lol*

6. “I just think the black/brown/ethnic people segregate themselves by making their own groups. They should dissolve them and just join ours.”

7. “Omgomgomgomg I sooooo failed that test sooooo much worse than you. Seriously. No my grade is like 10x worse than yours!!” [<—note, this person did NOT actually fail. Showboating like a mug lol]

8. “Seriously guys, going abroad changed my LIFE. You could never imagine how amazing it is to be in a foreign country and learn their culture like, I’m sooo going back, it totally defined my college career, I’m moving there after graduation. Did I ever tell you that story about when I was in __________ and _________? It was literally like, so different and amazing and….” [I think you get the picture lol]

9. “I was a member of this, and this, and that, and I did this, and I’m totally going to get this honor, and I know him, and her, and the President of the University calls me all the time, and I worked there so I totally can do this whenever, and I can’t believe people don’t know this person, we hang out all the time…” [etc., etc., lol]

10. “So these new freshmen are pretty sweet.” [gross lol]

Oooooh College… haha. Hope you all didn’t take too much offense lol, (trust, I’m guilty of #9 as far as my student job was concerned… O_o my bad haha!) Just a dumb filler post to keep my blog game up :)

Later peoples, have a good weekend!