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Mission Accomplished.

Posted in catching up, coffee, happyness, Work on 02/01/2010 by asante

Happy February everyone! So this weekend, I went on the hunt for an apparatus that would make my mornings infinitely less unpleasant: something to make coffee with. lol. I was convinced, the long, groggy trek to the bus stop every morning and the reluctant prep for work would be much improved by the addition of a cup of coffee before work (since having a cup once I’m AT work and already conscious wasn’t doing anything but cultivating a caffeine addiction lol.

So I started my search at the most logical location: Starbucks.


Then, as tempting a location as it is, I tried IKEA. I fought my way through all manner of tantalizing home objects (paused for a full 10 minutes in a room display that matched the size of my apartment…. *sigh* I still want that chair. And those curtains. And that plant. And that lamp… And that bed set. I could go on. )

And I emerged victorious with ONLY the object I came for: A $14.99 French Press! lol. Add a $7.00 bag of Starbucks Sumatra ground coffee, and we’re in business.

Made my first cup this morning…. Delish. I actually managed to get dressed and out of the house in time for the early bus, got to work on time, annnd have soo much motivation to get stuff done right now.

My mornings will never be the same lol. Hope you all get to enjoy your Monday as much as I’m about to lol.