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we. are. family.

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I grew up surrounded  by girls. Me and my two younger sisters (who were all “supposed” to be boys. lol). COUNTLESS female cousins (literally, countless. Real difficult to keep track of my clan lol.). Six years of single-sex education. Seriously, my formative years were all about female bonding. Well, maybe not bonding so much. But anyways. Today I’m focusing on the 4 women who lived in the same four walls as me.

Me and my sisters and my mom. To this day, it has not ceased to amaze me how four people, who by all science-y genetic arguments, should be very similar, can be so unbelievably different. Confounds the nature AND the nurture junk. But it does give a great foundation for some conflict, lol. Lets run it down, shall we?

Well there’s my Mother first, of course. Bubbly, talkative, lovingly goofy and just a liiiittle bit dramatic. Loves to sing (off-key, mind you :), a big ole’ bundle of love and smooches wrapped in an unfailingly strong, sometimes terrifying, and loyal exterior, my mother pretty much holds my family together. She’s the one who beat the sense into us when we needed it, and drove 3 cars into the dirt (Civic, Windstar, Montero) supporting our every want, need, aspiration and desire, along with a few unhealthy shopping habits :)

Next? Me. Oldest child, a.k.a. “#1.” Y’all already know. lol. Moving on…

#2 is by far the most outspoken of the bunch. She’s LOUD. In the best ways possible. Unique, daring, unapologetic, angsty and raw, she is that IDGAF chick throwing up the “rockstar” who you wish you could kick it with. Neon sneakers, red lipstick and leopard print? Check, check and check. lol. My complete and utter opposite, we NEVER got along growing up, we were always at odds about something or other. But she is FIERCE. lol.

#3 probably outpaces me in one respect: she is definitely more bougie than me. Don’t think it’s possible? Seriously. She is all things bouge and valley personified lol. Quieter and a little more acquiescent, she’s the most mellow of us all. Laid back and chillin’ in the cut, she’s effortlessly relaxed at all times. A little more like me, but because she’s the baby, she got everything she wanted. So it was easy for her to be chill lol.

See what I mean though? Some similarities, but overall, we are completely, utterly, and sometimes irritatingly different people. From the same family. And the same house. *cue the chaos* lol.

Understandably, we butted heads more than most. I was always confused as to why my friends with one sister, or two sisters with greater age differences seemed to get along so much better than the ladies in my house. Now looking back, I realize there was just too much going on in my house. We were too different, too close in age, there was just way too much personality in one house lol. (My mother was mid-twenties when she had me, and there’s only 9 years between me and #3. So it’s a tight age gap.). And then you throw in the fact that we’re all loud, African, and a little bit crazy? I think you get the picture.

Growing up in my house meant operating on the understanding that with this many other personalities and individuals vying for center stage, the only way to get there was by bumping the person currently in the spotlight. Girls by nature are always at each other’s throats. And we were sisters. lol.  Talk about upping the ante.

So we argued, fought tooth and nail, for a couple minutes to shine, before the next person decided it was time for you to keep it moving. But I definitely don’t think this is a bad thing. If anything, I think it (and my mother) taught us each to thrive on competition. I mean when you’re constantly up against such dynamos in your own household, the rest of the world can kick rocks. Getting your shine on in my house meant that once you walked out the door, nobody could tell us nuthin’. Seriously. I don’t think I would have liked so much the person we each became if it wasn’t for our tumultuous childhood lol.

Eventually, the chaos subsided. I moved out, #2 jumped the pond, and #3 gets to kick  back and conquer highschool with the effortless calm she always had, with the peace of mind that her nutty older sisters are far-far-away. We understand each other a lot better now. A more distant perspective on those years way back when all we could do was fight has, in my opinion, made us closer.

My little sisters and my mom are amazing women. I may not say it enough, but they really are. I cherish every scuffle, shouting match, slammed door, and smart-ass comment lol. We’re a bunch of born n’ bred fighters, and with that kind of history behind us, there is nothing we can’t take on. So don’t try us. ‘Cause we’re crazy. lol.


It’s been quite a week!

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Helloooo :)

It’s been a minute since I updated y’all on, well, LIFE lol, so I thought I’d check in today. The past week has been borderline insane, but that’s how I like it haha. As I type-delete-type-delete-type-delete different parts of the madness of this weekend, I realize that this post isn’t going to be coherent unless I use either numbers or bullet points lol. So here goes:

– My beautiful cousin Sarai and her hubby David came into Atlanta the night before I left town for an appointment with the embassy here, and so of course my baby boys were in tow! Got to see my Angelface (Anthony) and my Chubbylumpkins (Jeremy), and they were just too precious for words :)

-My cousin offered to watch my baby Tiger for the weekend (I had plans to go home for the holiday weekend, and can’t fly with him), in an effort to show her mom that she could handle a dog of her own. MY dog. lol. I think I effectively nipped THAT notion in the bud lol…. My dog is a nut…… aaaand she no longer wants a dog. lol. #whoops. But they both survived the weekend (Bonus: found out that Tiger is actually marvelously well behaved around small children, such as my 3 year old nephew Caleb. Score!) and my little nut is back home in one piece. lol.

-Worked my booty off towards the end of the week to crank out a few extra hours before the holiday, and had intended to catch the train directly from work to the airport to catch my flight. The universe decided to say one big “Nuh-Uh” to THAT one. (if you follow me on Twitter, you’ve already heard the angry version of this story lol) Reader’s Digest version: It monsooned. I’m talking hail and sideways rain. They cancelled my flight. Prasad the outsourced call center guy hooked me up with a new flight. It was still monsooning. I went to the airport bar with my angry face on. Left with a happy face lol. I made it there the following morning. The End! lol.

-Made it home, and let me tell you, ATL has nothing on the DMV. I realized over the course of the weekend that I reeeeeeeeeeally miss the DC Area. and moreover, Atlanta is just “turrrrrible”. *sigh*. This city needs a significant upgrade lol. Caught up with my daddy on the ride home from the airport, saw my mommy (who is rocking the baldy these days beautifully :) and my aunt when I got home. Chilled with my youngest sis (who I think I may have convinced to keep her hair natural! #wootwoot!) Middle sis is still in London finishing up her first year, so unfortunately I just missed her. Spent the day just bumming around my house, which was delightful!

-That night, met up with the bestie to venture out to Adams Morgan, and had a BLAST with her, and her friends Melor and Amanda. Watched cheesy Karaoke while we pregamed in Glenmont lol, then went out to TomToms to dance the night away. Seriously, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: the best people on earth rep the DC Area. lol. It was such a good night :) Resisted the temptation of Jumbo Slice, and Metroed it home.

-Dragged myself out of bed bright and early the next morning (and I do mean bright… forgot that my bedroom windows at home face East-ish… goodness.) Low key day in the house, plenty of QT with the fam. Watched the Memorial Day “Rolling Thunder” motorcade drive by the house (there’s a Harley Davidson shop up the street from our neighborhood, so all the Rockville/Gaithersburg bikers meet up there and process past us on their way downtown.)

-Spent the early afternoon/evening at my bestie’s graduation party, and though she spent the day running around crazy-like, it was definitely a successful event. I’m so proud of her :) And finally got all my fave DMV peoples in the same place: my roomie Janice and my boys Degraft and Phil came through and it made me super happy lol. All in all, there was great food, great margaritas (#lush, haha) great people too. They’re basically my second family, afterall haha. Annnnnd a singular awkward encounter notwithstanding, I was glad to see them all (for some reason it didn’t occur to me that one of my exes would be there…. (o_O).

-Anywhoo, last up, farewell food and drinks with the crew @ Fridays, then back to Phil’s place to catch up and play cards. Made it home relatively early (12:30 ish… not bad I say lol. I didn’t get home til 4 am the night before haha). Another bright and early morning, lazy relaxing breakfast with the fam, and off to the airport I went :( #boo.

Now I’m back in Atlanta, back at work, and missing everyone something terrible. Can’t wait to do it again soon though! #MIAMI2010…. get ready haha.

….I really need to dial back the Twitter usage a smidge…. there were a few too many hashtags in this post lmao. Anyways blogfriends, hope your Memorial Day weeks/weekends/vacations were as crazy/awesome as mine. Later!

Happy New Year!!!

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Hey all,

So a week and a half of crazy family-ness has turned me into a neglectful blogger, but I figured while I’m recuperating from my 10 hour drive from DC, the least I could do was update my blog about my holidays.

Christmas: Well Christmas was freakin’ awesome :). I finally got to cook my meal, I threw DOWN on Christmas dinner all by myself (mostly) and let me say, it was a resounding success :) Check out my menu:

Turkey, Duck, and 2 Chickens (which were brined and marinaded overnight to juicy deliciousness)
Green Apple Stuffing
Green Bean Casserole
Pinto Beans
Macaroni and Cheese (Courtesy of F and his Mom)
Turkey Gravy
Cranberry Sauce
and for desert….
Bourbon Pecan Pie (again, Courtesy of F and his Mom)
and Cherry Cheese Cake

I’ll give you all a few seconds to stop drooling. lol. I’m a BEAST in the kitchen!!! Ask about me :)

After that, took a crazy but well-worth-it tourist-y day trip to NYC a few days before New Years, which was SOOO much fun. These two are definitely two of my favorite people on earth;

We saw just about every cliche’d Manhattan tourist spot we could–on foot. lol. Yes, we hoofed it from Battery Park to Rockefeller Center. 53-ish blocks. lol. Here’s what we saw:
The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island; Ground Zero; The Brooklyn Bridge, The Financial District: NYSE, Trinity Church, The Charging Bull; Chinatown; The Empire State Building; Times Square; aaaaand last but not least, Rockefeller Center (though it was waaaaaaaaaaay too cold to ice skate. lol).
Then we caught the subway back, which was… interesting…. waaaaay different from the DC metro lol. but it was an experience nonetheless.
Last up, New Years Eve. Hung out with some of my closest DMV peoples for a nice chill hotel shindig (although apparently I passed out around 2am… whoops. lol. a Lil Pong, some Andre, and good company made for a great, relaxing, and entertaining way to enter 2010. I can’t wait to see what this year will hold… see a few posts earlier for my 2010 New Years resolutions… I plan on doing my best to keep them, promise.
Let’s see, what else, what else….
1. Oooh my hair is growing!!! I did a few co-washes while I was home, stuck to my twist-outs (which are improving, I might add) and my hair definitely seems to be growing at ridiculously awesome rates. 
2. Tiger had waaaaaaaaaaay too much fun @ my parent;s house lol… Can we say spoiled rotten? He seems to be readjusting pretty well though. Such a baby lol. And he got to see snow for the first time! He loved it, lol. especially once he got past the whole “Snow is cold and wet” thing lol.
3. I got to spend my Christmas holiday not only with #2 and #3 and my parents, but I got to spend the whole break with F(!!!!) and see my cousin Mrs. R. and her husband (!!!!) and my very prettiest cousin, M (lol). Bravo to this Winter Holiday all around :)
Aaaanyways, that’s enough for catch-up. I’ll post pictures of my holiday break soon!
Merry (Belated) ChristmaHanuKwanzaaNewyear to all!

The Pursuit of Happyness

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As i finally start to relax and get used to the fact that Spring Break really REALLY has started, i’m in the mood for a “happy list”. things in the past few days/weeks that i realized have put a smile on my face (and which i probably should experience more often lol). Here goes. (in no particular order… just what pops into my head)

  1. Bright pink nail polish. I don’t know what it is, but I’m obsessed with this color lol
  2. Sun dresses
  3. The SUN, and temperatures above 65
  4. Contrarily, being snowed in at home with my family, which was actually really nice
  5. Finishing books I borrow from the library
  6. Hearing from F when I’m not expecting it
  7. Spending time with important friends (i.e. friends important to me, not in their own right lol)
  8. Getting ready for graduation (!!!)
  9. Lots of kitsch-y jewelery
  10. BIG sunglasses. I’m talking half-my-face lol. (Sorry F :)
  11. Facebook videos from my sister, particularly those featuring my niece lol
  12. Realizing my sister is going to college
  13. Exciting trips
  14. People who look at my tattoos and appreciate, not admonish
  15. My job, and the people I work with (…. most of them.)

I’m so grateful for all of these things… especially in the face of the week-long stress free block the universe (and the university, i guess) are currently serving up. Oh Spring Break, how I missed thee :)

Yes…. I am posting at 7am.

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So i woke up at 6:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep…. *sigh*. I figure it’s been a while since I’ve updated, and a lot has gone down so i’m taking this time to update my blogging. :)

Considering Graduation is less than like, 75 days away, i’ve been a magNIFICENT slacker lately lol. Skipped a few days to go to Mardi Gras for the first time… Holy Handgrenades, that place was something else lol (and the Handgrenades are fantastic :) It was like, a huge block party/frat party/orgy all mixed into one…. after 2 days there me and F were DONE lol. He never wants to drink with me again lol, i had him mixing vodka with his morning orange juice… oops lol. (hey, it’s not my fault i get really into holidays…. and trust me, we were NOT the only ones.) The parade floats were sooo elaborate, and people got so into costumes and beads etc… It was a great place. Especially for me who likes to people watch, there were so many intriguing things happening everywhere…. and i got hella beads haha (and no, not one body part ever escaped my clothing. thankyouverymuch.) Mardi Gras Pics below….

After we got back, spent some serious quality time with F, which i SOOOO needed. (he was in town for his Spring Break). It was SO good to see him. I guess sometimes i don’t realize how much i miss him until he’s actually here, in front of me, and it all kind of hits me. We also had our make-up Valentine’s meal, which we cooked ourselves (much better than going to some overpriced restaurannt… plus we are fantastic cooks! lol) check it out:
How tasty does that all look? I know, I know. We’re a talented couple :) Ribeye steak with Red Wine and Shallot sauce, green beans and rice. to DIE for lol.

Anyways, after all that, I went home for the weekend to see my family (my mom specifically). She’s been sick lately, so I wanted to check on her before my life dropped over the edge into the swirling inescapable vortex that ends in graduation… lol. It was so relaxing sitting on my ass for 5 days, playing with my niece, catching up on Discovery Health (lol yea, I’m a nerd.) and knocking sense into my little sisters lol. And it snowed… hard lol. I haven’t seen real snow in YEARS, so even though it kept me from going back to ATL when i wanted, it was a blessing in disguise. My mom was really REALLY happy to see me, I can’t remember the last time she was so doting. For the first time in a while, it was genuinely good to be home, start-to-finish. Anyways, I’m going to try and get one more hour of sleep before my alarm goes off, and I know I don’t have the mental capacity to talk about the next topic on my mind, the book i just finished (White Oleander, by Janet Finch) so i’ll save that for next time. Promise to avoid the blog hiatuses from now on… (even though i’m never really sure if anybody reads this thing anyways…. it’s good for me to be writing frequently lol.)

new quote i love…

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“If you live your life through a rear view mirror, you’ll never know where you’re going.”

Let that marinate for a second lol. I dont’ know why this quote stuck out to me so much (it was spoken in the middle of a conversation on the radio about Chris Brown allegedly assaulting Rihanna before the Grammy’s…. SMH. check it out.) Anyways, the caller was commenting on how whatever background he grew up in doesn’t give him the right to take his aggression out on others, no matter how mad he was. Acting on the past and long-established mistakes and regrets is going to leave you going backwards, and i definitely think tat applies to a lot of situations. No point in going backwards, you can’t change the past, hindsight is 20/20 etc. etc. etc. Keep it moving. Onwards and Upwards, folks, lol. [ASIDE: Strangely enough, my lil sis is working on ending a semi-emotionally abusive-ish relationship with a guy who looks JUST like a goofier version of Chris Brown. coincidence? i think not.] so hopefully she (and Rih-Rih…)take the hint, which is this: if they can’t deal with their prior hardships on their own, they won’t be able to deal with them any better with you around, so steer clear. or maybe just that Chris Brown and his clones need to be lonely, for the benefit of humanity. either or.

Bad, bad me.

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So I’m officially a bad influence on my siblings…. My mother was right lol. My younger sister got her navel pierced the other day, and I can’t help but think that it was my fault! lol. The two of us have a very bizarre relationship in which we get along much better the further away from each other we are, and she used to sneer and condescend when it came to my tatts/piercings. Now 4 years of me being away at school, and she’s headed down the same path. And she’s considering a tattoo too…. lol what have i done??? I mean it’s not like it’s a huge deal, she paid for it herself, and she’s old enough to get it. It just makes me feel mad old that she has even gotten to the point where she CAN make that decision on her own. I’m definitely having issues dealing with her getting older :( and she’s starting college soon too?? yikes. Someone please transport me back 10 years or so when things were normal and I wasn’t old as heck. Or if not, in the meantime, hide me from my mother, because she’s going to kill me. lol.