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Things I think we should leave in the 2000’s…

Posted in 2009, news, randomness, revelations, ugh. on 01/11/2010 by asante

With the beginning of this year, we also ushered in a new decade, and all that entails. Another census, another in-between period of figuring out what to call it (“Tens”? “Oh-Tens”? who knows.) With all the things ahead, I feel like every decade has things that we should probably leave behind, as a humourous piece of our past. the 70’s had disco, the 80’s had neon, the 90’s had Pogs and Furbies.

Below you’ll find a few things that I think definitely don’t need to come along as we move into our next 10 years on this planet. Enjoy :)

Iphone vs. BlackBerry Conflicts: C’mon people, both phones are pretty damn cool. Can’t we all just get along? And now with the Nexus One and Droid coming out, we experienced smartphone owners are going to need to stick together. lol.

Internet Beef: If you wouldn’t say it in person, it clearly is not something that needs to be said, taken seriously, or retaliated upon. Seriously, Twitter feeds leading to shootings? Facebook updates leading to divorce? Lets try to handle our business face-to-face from now on (peacefully, hopefully.). Or how about just letting it go? More often than not, the person you’re mad at doesn’t care anyways. Why stress yourself out?

Sensational Relationship Reality TV: Dear Lord.  Flavor of Love. Flavor of Love 2. Flavor of love 3 (?) I Love New York. I Love New York 2. Rock of Love. A Shot at Love. The Bachelor. The Bachelorette. Who Wants to Marry A ____________________. Make it STOP!!!! lol. Lets be honest, out of all of these frickin’ shows, I know of ONE couple who actually maintained a legitimate relationship once the camera’s stopped rolling and the checks stopped clearing. As painfully entertaining as they are to watch, clearly this foolishness is not working. Let it DIE! lol. (And Jersey Shore has got to go too…. though I did watch the “Snooky gets Punched” Video several times lol. *fist pump*.)

Racism: It’s 2010 people. It’s been a few hundred years since that Lincoln fellow freed the slaves. It’s also about time you got used to the fact that sometimes, people who don’t look like you may actually want to come within a 10 block radius of you, regardless of what a bigoted jerk you may be. Yes, you’re going to have to live your life with people of OTHER RACES. You don’t have to like them, but everyone deserves to be EQUALLY respected and treated like a human being. In this day and age, there are still entirely too many stories of hate crimes and derogatory threats/messages/acts between groups. It’s pathetic, really, that people continue to perpetuate these ideals. Lets leave this beind.

Using Your Children to get publicity: Yes that’s right: Jon and Kate, Nadya Suleyman, Duggar Family, Jolie-Pitt’s, Madonna, Joe Jackson, Balloon Boy’s Parents, I’m talking to you. ALL of you. lol. If the world wasn’t interested in you before, using these poor kids to make yourselves relevant is just sad. Let ’em be kids!

The “Deadskins”: And so it was that the hand of God came down, touched the souls of the powers that be amongst the Washington Redskins organization, and Jim Zorn was fired. And there was much praise and rejoicing in the Capital city, in the hopes of a renewed faith in their beloved team. Amen. lol. It’s ABOUT TIME. The past 10 years of the DC Football franchise is one that we diehard fans would rather forget….We lost to the frickin Detroit Lions for goodness sake.  Lets hope we can reclaim our former greatness next season. lol. *fingers crossed*. “Hail to the Redskins….”

Snap Music, and all it’s variations and progeny: Worst. Excuse. For. Music. EVER. My wish for the predominantly Af.Am Suburbs of Atlanta, is for them to learn how to make music more sophisticated than the senseless bull currently flooding the airwaves. There is actually an artist down here who calls himself “Wackaflacka”. WHAT???? They must all be stopped.

Anyways, this is my list. I strongly believe that these are things we have had enough of lol. Bigger and Better in 2010, people.  Pretty please?