it’s the holiday season….

… and I’m  freakin’ exhausted y’all. Been working like a dog up until today, and now I’m madly laundering and cleaning and packing my apartment/things (because I leave EVERYTHING until the last minute. *sigh*) Tomorrow will be interesting…. Still planning a 6am departure! Hah. Yeah right. lol

Knowing that I have a whirlwind holiday season ahead of me, including a 10-hour drive to the DMV and about a zillion people back home to visit, I know my blog steez will be darn near turned off for the next few weeks.


I want to make sure that I wish all 3 (lol) of my loyal followers/readers the happiest of holiday seasons :)

So to you and yours, Happy Christma-Kwanza-Festivu-Channu-Solsti-NewYear*!

love you all. See you when I surface from the holiday madness :)

*I think I got ’em all… And if you don’t like Winter Holidays, just get a lil buzzed and have fun! Nothing better than not having to work for a few days ;)*

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