Before I Turn 25…

…ok yes I know I still have a couple years. But 25 is a big one, right?!

I was reading an article about “bucket lists” and “before you turn” lists etc. and I decided I needed one of my own. I have tons of things bouncing around in my head that I want to do, but I’m either too scared or too broke to accomplish them at the moment. But sometime in the next 2-ish years, I know that I have a lot of things that I want to make sure I’ve accomplished, to make my 25th year the most accomplished yet :)

So below, find my list of 25 Things I Want to Do Before Turning 25!

1. Take a cruise. I have never been on an ocean EVER, and I figure it needs to happen soon!

2. See the West Coast. Never been further west than Texas, even though one of my closest friends is a San Fran native. I promise, one day before I hit a quarter century, I’m going to go visit her at home :) Plus I want to see a sunset on the Pacific Ocean, visit Los Angeles, have a REAL burrito… All of which probably requires a visit to the good ole’ West coast.

3. Travel to at least one country where I have no relatives. Now my clan spans far and wide. Most of Europe, Australia, and of course all over Africa. So I would love to go somewhere in southern Asia, or maybe South America. Not that I don’t want to see my relatives, but I want to go somewhere that I can just depend on myself for a few weeks, and experience all that the destination has to offer. No crutches, no tourguides. Exhilarating, no?

4. Donate blood/marrow/eggs. I’m healthy, and I have plenty of all 3 to spare. Why not? I’d be helping someone out. Even though I HATE blood, I think I need to man up lol.

5. Own at least one extravagantly expensive piece of attire. Anybody who knows me is aware that I go to great lengths not to spend a lot of money on my clothes. Mostly because  I can buy a lot more of them that way hahaha! But I would like to possess one crazy expensive something. A pair of  $300 jeans? Some red-bottoms? A really elaborate piece of jewelery? Yep. Gonna have it.

6. Kick my overactive junk-food habit to the curb. True Life: I eat a lot of crappy food. I want to rein in my bad eating habits once and for all. No, I’m not saying I’ll stop altogether (that’s CRAZY talk lol). But cutting down to maybe once a month? Ok maybe twice. lol.

7. Attend a NFL game, Tailgate and all. As big of a football fan as I am (HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!), you all may be shocked to know that I have NEVER been to a football game. Not a peewee game, not a highschool game, not a college game, NOTHING. So I think why not go the whole 100, right? I want my first football game experience to be an NFL game. Who’s buying me tickets? :)

8. Invest in the stock market. I’m gonna buy some stocks. Responsibility, income, and a touch of bouge all rolled into one. Me likey.

9. Grow a formidable afro. Mark my words, folks. By my 25th birthday, y’all won’t want to sit behind me in movie theaters. lol. :)

10. Totally wow all my former classmates at a reunion event. I skipped my Five Year Reunion. My 10th won’t be before my 25th, but my highschool throws random alumni events ALL the time. I’m gonna go to one next year and jaws will be hitting the ground, people. Because I plan on being at least 200% more awesome than they ever thought I could be. Mark my words :)

11. Date a person outside of my normal “type”. My type? I’m a fan of tall guys (6’0-6’4), African-American, moderately muscled (arms are important), and comparably educated. Even if it doesn’t go anywhere, I want to date a guy who throws one (or most) of these preferences out of the window. Widen my horizons a bit. :)

12. Find my signature cocktail/glass of wine. I think I’m close, but I’m not positive yet. But I want to be able to walk into any scene, saunter to the bar, and casually rattle off a fantastic sounding/tasting drink that just fits me, and walk away oozing confidence.

13. Take a pole-dance/strip-tease class. Because I think every girl needs a few hot hobbies :)

14. Finalize my “bridesmaid list” (even if I don’t get married by then). I love my girls. And what better way to make sure they know how much they mean to me than to promise them a spot in my future wedding?

15. Run a 5K. I. Hate. Running. Seriously. But I think it’s a great goal just to say that I could do it. Right? lol

16. Get my finances in order once and for all. Ugh. This one will probably be the hardest. Pay off my credit card,  start budgeting better, the whole shebang. *sigh*

17. Improve on my photography hobby. Take a class, start taking my camera around more often, work on my editing skills. I don’t plan on ever going pro, but with my shmancy DSLR, I want to be well-versed in how it works.

18. Meet a celebrity. Wishful thinking? Maybe. But a girl can dream.

19. Go to Las Vegas, party and gamble… a lot. Nuff Said.

20. Have a great dinner party with my closest friends. I love cooking, and I love entertaining (even though I get a little neurotic about how my friends are enjoying themselves. I want to have a great, classy dinner party with my good friends. Good food, good drinks, good company.

21. Go to Bonnaroo/SXSW/Coachella/some amazing outdoor festival. It would literally make my life. I am a huge music lover. And with the chance to spend 3 days or so vibing with fellow music lovers, experiencing new bands, I would be ridiculously happy. I should start saving…..

22. Go to a fashion show. I’m no fashion guru, but I can appreciate. And seeing a real show would just be phenomenal.

23. Sing in public. Karaoke don’t count lol (and I’ve done that already). I have a pretty decent voice. Not saying I want to be a singer or anything, but I’m pretty shy about my voice, so I want to actually sing for others at least once in my life.

24. Date myself on the regular. Spend some time taking myself out to meals, to a jazz club, movies, etc. Learn that I don’t need other people to accompany me every time I want to do something. Sometimes I just need kick it with myself.

25. Pick up a random, but conversation-starting hobby (play the guitar, work turntables). That would be just bad ass lol. Lull in a conversation and all of a sudden: “So at my turntable battle last weekend,…..” Teehee.

So that’s my list. What do you think? :)

Anything y’all think I should add?


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