my life on impulse.

I don’t know what got me thinking about this today, but I have  spontaneity on the brain this morning. Reminiscing about moments that I just didn’t giveadamn, and just DID something. lol. Sadly, those moments are a bit few/far between for me, but I intend on changing that in the future. lol.

As for me, the most impulsive thing I’ve ever done?

My fifth tattoo.

Those who know me will probably think “Pshhhhh you’ve got plenty of those. What’s the deal?”

It was for me though, lol. My other 4 spent at least 8-10 months in the making before I inked ’em. Y’all know by now that I overthink EVERYTHING I do.  This one, however, was borne out of a rainy night in South Beach, Miami when it was too early to go home, too late to stand in line at a club, and I had a vacation mindset and $$ to blow… lol. This also happened at 2am. Sound impulsive yet?

I really love it though. I was terrified that I would wake up the next day and be like… “You’re an idiot. You got a tattoo on your head. Nobody will ever hire you for the rest of your life. GTFOH.

But then my best friend looked me in the face and told me: “Stop freaking out. It looks like you’ve had it all your life. It fits you perfectly. And you can barely see it.” (<<One of the many reasons I love her :)

So I guess impulse looks better on me than I thought.

Something to keep in mind.


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