Can They Live?

Let me be clear. I’m in no way/shape/form well versed in politics. My knowledge of how the government works is very limited.

But I am a fan of President Obama.

I think that from the perspective of a politically simple-brained person as myself, he seems to be doing a good– maybe great–job, in light of the circumstances he was left with (Muchos Gracias, Bush I &II). And I just get stymied when I see people BLATANTLY acting brand new about how he, and his family, as the FIRST FAMILY, get treated just because they have the audacity to be black and rich.

If you weren’t aware, the Obama’s were black and rich BEFORE he became President. lol. I mean, have you seen his house?!

So why is it such a big deal when rich black folk act like… well, rich black folk? Why is it such an issue for the rich, black, first lady of the free world to go on vacation? Danielle Belton got into it in this great article: “People Who Get Mad When Right People Do Rich Things Confuse Me” and I gotta say, I agree. Let the man be rich and black lol. I think he deserves it.  Check out an excerpt below.

While I was in New York City participating in Basseyworld Live the TV exploded with indignation over a wealthy woman going on an August vacation to Spain with her daughter. That wealthy woman happened to be the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. And because her personal safety is of national importance, we pay for her security detail. (Of course, we’re always paying for her security detail and travel and other things no matter what she does because it’s all largely budgeted in advance and pre-approved by Congress, but never mind those pesky details.)

OMG! Her living her life going on a private family trip is SOOOOO OFFENSIVE! Doesn’t she know that the only way I can tell if she cares about me and my unemployment is if she makes empty, showy gestures? Like hugging some grubby plebes while wearing hand-me-down coveralls before getting back inside pf her air-conditioned limo? Where is her flag pin? Why does she hate America? (See the entire article Here)

–By Danielle Belton, author of “The Black Snob”

Oooh America… lol.


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