No Really. Leave Me Alone.

“Damn….pssst…ay…..Ay…. AY!!! AY Sexy!!!! Where you going?”

“Why won’t you smile for me baby?!”

“You got a man, beautiful?”

“Naw girl, after you… I’m gonna enjoy the view.”

“Come here, let me talk to you. I just wanna get to know you.”

“Don’t look so mad sweetie.”

“You can’t have any new friends?”

“Oh what, you can’t speak? Well f*** you then b*tch, you ain’t sh*t anyways.”

“You think you won’t get f***ed up, being so stuck up? Huh?”

“Not like you’re cute anyways b*tch, you just have a fat *ss.”

I wish I was making this mess up. But I’m not.

Whistles. Honks. Yelling. Whispers. Snaps. Claps. Kissy-noises. Ugh. Every single God-blessed day I hear these verbal harassments thrown at me, my friends, strangers, pretty much any female who at that particular moment is nothing but a moving target for that particular pig’s daily dose of rachetassness. For no reason other than: 1. deciding to leave the house 2. having the audacity to be female and 3. not wanting anything to do with the speaker.

Let’s get one thing straight right now, shall we?

I’m not your “baby”. I do not want to smile for you. I will not give you my number. Honking your horn and leering at me from your car is not flattering.

It’s harassment. And It. Is. Infuriating.

And what can we do? Talk back, hope they walk away? Or risk harm because we decide to stand up for ourselves? Sure some of them may just be kidding around, but what about the ones who aren’t? Why do I have to put myself in jeopardy just because you want to objectify me?

To all the grody men who think that the former are appropriate ways to approach or gain the attention of a female, listen up. No girl sets foot in this world for the sole purpose of your visual pleasure. EVER. If she ignores you, take the &*($@#!*&% hint. It’s not your right to lash out at her. She doesn’t owe you a God-blessed thing. I hope for your sake, your mother raised you better than that, and if not, I feel very sorry for you, and her, and anybody who has the displeasure of falling into your crosshairs.

You are a sad, pathetic excuse for a real man. You do not deserve the attention you seek. And I will continue walking past you, irritated frown on my face, head held high, with nothing but the utmost lack of respect and powerful disdain for you and all of your kind.

And silently wishing you would all go straight to H-*-L-L.


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