Death to Ignorance.

I have a good friend back home with a racist parent.

My friend is white, and since he made the choice to have nearly all of his best friends be significantly “un-white”, you can imagine the complications of dealing daily with his father’s views. Now when I say his dad is racist, I don’t mean racist in the overt, shotgun toting, Bible Belt, “N-word” slinging KKK way. No, his is a special brand of racism that can only be born out of ignorance.

Basically he bases his opinions of “others” on outdated, stereotypical, offensive, and largely unfounded ideas. And in a lot of ways, I think that’s worse than anything.

Ignorance is a dangerous, horrible affliction that seems to be in the public view more and more these days. It seems like every day there’s another “Birther” or “Tea Partier” or “Westboro Baptist” or “Rush Limbaugh” spouting ridiculous views to millions of people that they don’t even bother to base in fact. And what comes of this? More blatantly ignorant lemmings are taking someone else’s ignorance to heart and spreading it farther. It’s a vicious, vicious cycle.

What is so damned hard with taking the time to let an issue roll around your cranium for a few seconds before you dig your heels in on one side of the line or the other? Personally I think that taking what another person says as pure fact without taking any time to actually think about it ON YOUR OWN is just irresponsible existence. Ever heard of that little thing called free will? How about common sense? If not, get some. Please. Goodness.

Ask a (respectful) question. Get a second opinion. Hell, form your own opinion, as long as it’s one that you can logically back up. The science nerd in me simply will not entertain people who don’t know how to expand their understanding. Being an adult means operating on FACTS, not your own personal brand of fiction. If you don’t know, let that be that. But don’t go around creating your own reality,  unless you plan to live solo under a rock somewhere.

It’s so tiring to see people arguing and clashing not because they have a difference in opinion, but because neither of them are bothering to think about the truth between their respective sides of the issue. In a lot of cases (at least politically, I’ve noticed) One person is trying to come to the table with a fact, and the other fires back with something ridiculous. I mean come on now, really? You can see it all over their face that they know how ridonkulous they sound. But the ignorance flares up and clouds all reasonable judgement. I just can’t deal with folks like that. Ignorant folks have a way of dragging you down to their level then beating you with experience lol.

So in the future folks, if you’re going to come correct with facts, well-founded opinions, and a respectful tone, lets have a conversation. I’m sure we’ll both benefit from the endeavor. The rest of you… Go spend some time on Wikipedia and enlighten yourself.

Knowledge is power. Ignorance is a blood-sucking parasite.


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