It’s been quite a week!

Helloooo :)

It’s been a minute since I updated y’all on, well, LIFE lol, so I thought I’d check in today. The past week has been borderline insane, but that’s how I like it haha. As I type-delete-type-delete-type-delete different parts of the madness of this weekend, I realize that this post isn’t going to be coherent unless I use either numbers or bullet points lol. So here goes:

– My beautiful cousin Sarai and her hubby David came into Atlanta the night before I left town for an appointment with the embassy here, and so of course my baby boys were in tow! Got to see my Angelface (Anthony) and my Chubbylumpkins (Jeremy), and they were just too precious for words :)

-My cousin offered to watch my baby Tiger for the weekend (I had plans to go home for the holiday weekend, and can’t fly with him), in an effort to show her mom that she could handle a dog of her own. MY dog. lol. I think I effectively nipped THAT notion in the bud lol…. My dog is a nut…… aaaand she no longer wants a dog. lol. #whoops. But they both survived the weekend (Bonus: found out that Tiger is actually marvelously well behaved around small children, such as my 3 year old nephew Caleb. Score!) and my little nut is back home in one piece. lol.

-Worked my booty off towards the end of the week to crank out a few extra hours before the holiday, and had intended to catch the train directly from work to the airport to catch my flight. The universe decided to say one big “Nuh-Uh” to THAT one. (if you follow me on Twitter, you’ve already heard the angry version of this story lol) Reader’s Digest version: It monsooned. I’m talking hail and sideways rain. They cancelled my flight. Prasad the outsourced call center guy hooked me up with a new flight. It was still monsooning. I went to the airport bar with my angry face on. Left with a happy face lol. I made it there the following morning. The End! lol.

-Made it home, and let me tell you, ATL has nothing on the DMV. I realized over the course of the weekend that I reeeeeeeeeeally miss the DC Area. and moreover, Atlanta is just “turrrrrible”. *sigh*. This city needs a significant upgrade lol. Caught up with my daddy on the ride home from the airport, saw my mommy (who is rocking the baldy these days beautifully :) and my aunt when I got home. Chilled with my youngest sis (who I think I may have convinced to keep her hair natural! #wootwoot!) Middle sis is still in London finishing up her first year, so unfortunately I just missed her. Spent the day just bumming around my house, which was delightful!

-That night, met up with the bestie to venture out to Adams Morgan, and had a BLAST with her, and her friends Melor and Amanda. Watched cheesy Karaoke while we pregamed in Glenmont lol, then went out to TomToms to dance the night away. Seriously, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: the best people on earth rep the DC Area. lol. It was such a good night :) Resisted the temptation of Jumbo Slice, and Metroed it home.

-Dragged myself out of bed bright and early the next morning (and I do mean bright… forgot that my bedroom windows at home face East-ish… goodness.) Low key day in the house, plenty of QT with the fam. Watched the Memorial Day “Rolling Thunder” motorcade drive by the house (there’s a Harley Davidson shop up the street from our neighborhood, so all the Rockville/Gaithersburg bikers meet up there and process past us on their way downtown.)

-Spent the early afternoon/evening at my bestie’s graduation party, and though she spent the day running around crazy-like, it was definitely a successful event. I’m so proud of her :) And finally got all my fave DMV peoples in the same place: my roomie Janice and my boys Degraft and Phil came through and it made me super happy lol. All in all, there was great food, great margaritas (#lush, haha) great people too. They’re basically my second family, afterall haha. Annnnnd a singular awkward encounter notwithstanding, I was glad to see them all (for some reason it didn’t occur to me that one of my exes would be there…. (o_O).

-Anywhoo, last up, farewell food and drinks with the crew @ Fridays, then back to Phil’s place to catch up and play cards. Made it home relatively early (12:30 ish… not bad I say lol. I didn’t get home til 4 am the night before haha). Another bright and early morning, lazy relaxing breakfast with the fam, and off to the airport I went :( #boo.

Now I’m back in Atlanta, back at work, and missing everyone something terrible. Can’t wait to do it again soon though! #MIAMI2010…. get ready haha.

….I really need to dial back the Twitter usage a smidge…. there were a few too many hashtags in this post lmao. Anyways blogfriends, hope your Memorial Day weeks/weekends/vacations were as crazy/awesome as mine. Later!


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