Wanted: Sun, Sand, and a drink w/ an Umbrella in it.

Folks, I need a vacation. BADLY. Want to know how badly?

  • I have found myself on several occasions lately walking past the windows on my floor and just looking outside. Just looking. Because I was inside and it made me sad.
  • I didn’t make it to work on Monday. Reasoning? Half traffic-induced frustration, Half “it’s too pretty outside today.”
  • Everytime I’ve gone out in the past few weeks, I’ve ordered drinks that either include Tequila, or are blatantly tropical and vacation-y, or both. (Mojitos, Sex-on-the-Beach, Daquiris, Margaritas)
  • I bought new overpriced swimsuit tops, even though my trip to Miami is more than a month away. 
  • I have found a lame excuse to go and sit out by my pool at least twice a week in the past month, even if it was only briefly.
  • I keep having Miami flashbacks from last year’s Spring Break.
  • Seeing “#Summer” and “#Vacation” as trending topics on Twitter makes me INSANELY jealous. (There is no summer break in the real world, fyi.)

I need to be lying on sand somewhere with a strong drink in my hand, a swimsuit on, salt water nearby, and obnoxiously large sunglasses on. STAT.

July 15th, please hurry up. lol.


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