Hair Hair Hair…

So as the ‘fro approaches 7 months, I find I’m learning more and more about what makes her happy every day lol. Newest update to my routine is as follows:

-Co-Wash every 2-3 days with Tresemme Naturals Moisturizing Condish and/or Aussie Moist Condish (I actually REALLY like how my hair turns out when I use both at once…. the ‘fro feels delish.)

 -Spray with my leave-in mix (1/2 cup Tresemme, 2-3 tbsp of my grapeseed-sweet almond-jojoba-castor oil mix, one tbsp of aloe vera gel)

-Rub in a half-golfball sized glob of my shealoe mix (1/2 cup shea butter, 1/3 cup aloe vera gel, 2-3 tbsp of my oil mix)

-Twist while hair is still damp, and done!

-Henna and Shampoo (w/castile soap) once a month.
-Try to get my hair wet in the shower almost everyday, and using a few sprays of my leave-in mix for moisturizing.

Finally nailed down that sucka! and my hair is definitely reaping the benifits. My hair is def. getting thicker, slowly but surely! One of these days it’ll be some random girl stalking lusting after appreciating my hair (like I do with every natural haired girl I see lmao!)  The journey is progressing as it should :)

Oh and if you care, I started a Tumblr account to better keep track of my different styles and my progress. I’ll do my best to keep it current…. Link is on the right. ———————>


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