The 80-20 Rule.

…probably the single most important mantra I ever learned from a Tyler Perry movie.

In any good relationship, you’re never going to get more than 80% of what you need. Do NOT be tempted by the individual who claims to have that missing 20%… and whatever you do, do NOT leave your 80 for the 20! Because then you’re left with 20%… and your 80% has moved on to someone who appreciates what they have to offer.

Let me toot my own horn for a minute. I may not be perfect, but I can say with assurance, I am a catch. There are plenty of girls out there skinnier than me, taller than me, prettier than me, more “adventurous” than me, but I know for a fact that I bring a lot to the table. I’m intelligent, I’m relatively low maintenance (lol shut up, F), I’m not terribly demanding, I’m cute, I have big boobs. I cook, I clean, I have a flatscreen TV, and I don’t mind videogames being played on it. I can be goofy, I’m independent, and I don’t NEED a man, I have one because I love him and he loves me. And in a similar vein, all of the women I surround myself with are similarly, if not better equipped. We have our faults, but overall, any man would be lucky to have us.

Which is why it makes me want to get unnecessarily violent when I hear about one of my closest friends having trouble with an S.O. who doesn’t seem to respect this simple and important 80-20 rule.  The idea that a person can willfully disrespect not just the sanctity of their relationship, but the trust and loyalty of such a good person is baffling.

Public Service Announcement of the Day: If you have a good person in your life, cherish it, respect it, and appreciate it, and for the love of God don’t mess around! If you can not muster the effort to maintain this simple act of respect and maturity that is implied by an ADULT committment, stay single, or at the very least, stay the #*!! away from the “80”-s of the world. I’m sure the trampy “20”-s are already waiting.


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