The 10 most annoying people you will meet in college.

I’m about a year out of the college game, but staying in the same city as my alma mater has given me an interesting perspective on my college relationships, past and present. Plus, going to an alumni event last night has me reminiscing wayyy hard lol.

Most notably, it gives me an objective look at the type of people Emory seems to be turning out en masse, and the ones I’m glad I’ve been able to avoid since. There’s always going to be people who you don’t get along with in college. Yes, you’ll have your best friends, your crew, your classroom compatriots, but in such a large and varied academic setting, you’re going to get some people who just irk you. So I present, ladies and gents, my list of the annoying people you may meet in college. (Just poking fun, I don’t mean to offend :)

1. “I took an African American Studies course and sat on a committee, therefore my opinion of the black race is better and more valid than yours.” [extra points if this person is NOT African American. lol]

2. “No, actually, I don’t do anything or associate with anyone who isn’t involved with my fraternity/sorority. And I don’t own clothing in any other colors.”

3. “I haven’t been to class in 3 weeks… I prefer  wasting my parents hard-earned tuition money because they’ll employ me after graduation anyways.”

4. “What are you doing? Can I come over? “Please? I want to hang out too!! *whiny voice optional*”

5. “I chose to go here instead of [Insert Ivy League School Here] because [Insert barely believeable, pseudo-intellectual reasoning here].” *Only valid if you didn’t go to an Ivy League school, of course lol*

6. “I just think the black/brown/ethnic people segregate themselves by making their own groups. They should dissolve them and just join ours.”

7. “Omgomgomgomg I sooooo failed that test sooooo much worse than you. Seriously. No my grade is like 10x worse than yours!!” [<—note, this person did NOT actually fail. Showboating like a mug lol]

8. “Seriously guys, going abroad changed my LIFE. You could never imagine how amazing it is to be in a foreign country and learn their culture like, I’m sooo going back, it totally defined my college career, I’m moving there after graduation. Did I ever tell you that story about when I was in __________ and _________? It was literally like, so different and amazing and….” [I think you get the picture lol]

9. “I was a member of this, and this, and that, and I did this, and I’m totally going to get this honor, and I know him, and her, and the President of the University calls me all the time, and I worked there so I totally can do this whenever, and I can’t believe people don’t know this person, we hang out all the time…” [etc., etc., lol]

10. “So these new freshmen are pretty sweet.” [gross lol]

Oooooh College… haha. Hope you all didn’t take too much offense lol, (trust, I’m guilty of #9 as far as my student job was concerned… O_o my bad haha!) Just a dumb filler post to keep my blog game up :)

Later peoples, have a good weekend!


One Response to “The 10 most annoying people you will meet in college.”

  1. lol i had to laugh because i know some of these same people.

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