Just caught a major case…

…Of ‘Fro Envy. I’m feeling my hair a lil bit too much today (I think i finally have my hair routine nailed down, go me!! *happy dance*) So in the spirit of staying strong on this natural hair journey, I’m gonna post some pics of my favorite super-kinky haired ladies… Some you may know, many you may not, some are famous, some are just my friends (love y’all :) but they all have fierce kinky natural hair. Glad to be in such awesome company!

Via lecoil

My sister from another mister!

Shingai Shoniwa, from the Noisettes
Erykah Badu… nuff said.
The lovely miss VanB! (shameless blog plug here :)
Solange.. the better other Knowles sister lol
My girl Laretia from my Emory days… lovelovelove the ‘fro-hawk!
She’s just rejoined the club! Check out her interviews on her BC here and here
Deeelish. lol Oh Maxwell…
Prodigal cellist Esperanza Spalding

You all are so fly :) I love having pretty hair pics to stare at, so to those of you I know, and those I don’t, I’m so grateful for the encouragement! 5 1/2 months “nappy” and loving it lol.

Slowly but surely getting there :)


One Response to “Just caught a major case…”

  1. Awww yay!!! I was so surprised to see my pic…lol. Your hair looks and is fab!!! Love you lots TEY, I am glad these past 5.5 months in natural land have been great! Oh and the blogplug was a nice touch too. *wink

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