On cultivating an "I-don’t-give-a-****" mindset…

We all know this person.

She’s the girl who’s out there “doing” while you’re still debating the pros and cons.

He’s the guy who did it already, decided it wasn’t for him, and was “on to the next one” before you caught wind it was a thing to do.

They’re the people who embrace and embody freedom to the fullest extent, without any fear of retribution, or hesitation, or any acknowledgment of anything but the simple fact that this is what they’ve decided to do, and that’s it. Period.

To put it simply, they do not give a ****.

And we envy them. (at least I do.)

I think all the time about how different my life would be if I didn’t play it so safe all the time. Took more risks, cared less about how things would play out. What if I cared a little less about the rest of the world, and a little more about my own happiness? What if…

But that’s DEFINITELY not me lol. I overanalyze just about everything. I can’t think of a recent decision I’ve made what didn’t involve copious amounts of deliberation, thinking, pondering, etc. beforehand. I’m a little bit ridiculous with it, lol. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I’ve “rehearsed” possible outcomes of important conversations in my head before I have them. No lie. I dunno, I guess I like to know I’m prepared for any possibility lol. But it does put me at a disadvantage if a scenario should pop up that I didn’t prepare for. Those are those awkward moments when I wish I didn’t care quite so much so I could just go with the flow, you know? Just let things happen as they will, and relax a lil, you know?

Those IDGAF people just seem to have a lot more time to enjoy life. But could I be one? I wouldn’t know where to start to get from here to there. I mean I do little random things, my tatts, obnoxious colors, and I can act a lil crazy from time to time (but hey, I’m not rude per se, I’m just honest lol.) But letting go of that “must be prepared for everything” way of life will probably take me some more work.

I’d like to be one of those people, one of these days. Even if is was just for like, a day, I want to know that I could just wake up and decide to do something and not care what anyone would say. I’m not saying I’ll be jumping off buildings or shaving half of my head or something, lol, but in some way I need to learn to put myself and my happiness first, and stop giving a **** every once. lol.


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