Healthier, Happier, Me.

Hey y’all :)

So as all you faithful readers (and maybe some of my newbies :) are probably aware of, the reason I started this blog was for one main reason: self-improvement.

Over the course of my undergrad career, I got lazy. Towards the end, I was so stressed out and focused on the task at hand, the degree, that I let very important things slide in my life, things that needed to be re-addressed and reaffirmed before I could make my mark on this big crazy world out here. This blog has been a Godsend though, really helping me to re-focus and re-examine myself and really see the glaring holes that I needed to fill, and places where I was a lil rough around the edges.

 Now more than ever, with my work life wreaking veritable havoc on my psyche (more on that later…. Stay tuned on or after 4/12/10.) I’ve managed to find a few moments of clarity, which is really doing wonders to get bits and pieces of my life and myself back in order.

My fitness has improved: Not gonna lie, I let myself get awful fat my last 2 years in college lol. Not so bad that I had to re-up my wardrobe, but I noticed it, and it was soooo upsetting. But, thankfully with the weather starting to act like it has some damn sense, I’ve regained my motivation to get my lazy butt up!!! Tiger has definitely been reaping the benefits of this, I’ve managed to keep up with at least one 30-45 minute walk with him every day, and he’s loving it lol. And it’s helped me a lot too; In the past week and a half of long, brisk walks with him, I’ve seen more progress with my weight and my physique than I was seeing with rigorous gym excursions…. another nail in the coffin for THAT lol. (I hate “the gym”. I’d much rather just find other ways to keep myself moving, walking or playing with my dog…. much less mindless lol.)

Skin/Hair/Nails/”Beauty” etc.: My hair is growing like a darn weed lol, and my new found consciousness for what I put in my hair has expanded to what I put on my skin, too. I’ve been having a love affair with sheabutter, once i discovered how much my hair likes it, I started using it on my skin, with fantastic results. Also just tried the oil-rinse method, and lemme just say: WOAH. Lovesit. My face has all but cleared up, I’m on the verge of throwing out every foundation/powder I own because my complexion is BANGING these days lol, no lie. (I always hated foundations anyways, I always felt like i was slapping glue on my face or something, so cakey and weird-feeling, no matter how little I put on.) I’ve noticed my nails are less brittle too, probably from enjoying all the goodies in my hair (I have serious Hand in Fro disease… lol)

Eating Habits: Forcing yourself to buy healthy stuff at the grocery store is a WIN when you have spending habits like me lol. I’m not the best with my cash, so when it gets to the end of the month and I have to scrounge through what I’ve got instead of wasting $$ on something quick and easy, I really have no choice but to eat healthy lol. All out of juice? Water it is then. lol. Fruit running low? Hello, carrot sticks. These end of the month spending friezes also help with my stove-top creativity too, I’m back to cooking more, which is so much fun. I don’t know why I always forget how much I love cooking, until I get my booty in front of that stove and start concocting (don’t even get me started on my Penne Chicken Casserole that I created today… Heaven in a Pan lol. I’m coming for you, Neeley’s!! lol but I digress….).

Psyche: Like I said, this is probably the one part of my life that is currently under siege… *sigh*. I have discovered without a doubt, clinical therapy is NOT in my future. I’m way too much of an empath; my interviews have really been getting to me lately, which is not a good sign. Definitely time to take a step back and re-evaluate where I’m headed from here, I’ll fill y’all in when I have more to say on that subject.

My Circle: Always changing/shifting, but I think I’ve been doing a lot better maintaining old connects and forming new ones. I can honestly say I’ve drummed up quite a few new dynamic friendships lately, but more importantly, I’ve been making strides to reconnect and refocus on those old school eternally faithful friends, who I admittedly have taken for granted. I’m sorry! I’m working on it, I promise. As for those revolving door relationships… gotta say, my guard is still up. I’m trying to be accepting, but I just can’t get behind the whole “I felt some type of way about you 6 months ago, but we’re cool again” thing. Either I’m in, or I’m out. And 9 times out of 10, I’m going to assume I’m out. I’m not the type to be hanging on someone’s every action, waiting for a change of heart. If someone shows me who they are, I’ll believe them lol. Don’t have to tell me twice. But yea, as always, work in progress.

Anyways, if you made it this far without hitting the “X” in boredom, gracias lol. Just thought I’d check in more with myself than anything else, though of course I appreciate the audience. Gotta keep myself honest and open, and if not here, then where? I’m always up for a good rant. lol. Hope you all manage to keep all your ducks in a row too :)


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