Dreams of a Broke Music Lover

I can’t lie. About 95% of the concerts I’ve ever been to in life were either a gift, or free lol. I also haven’t paid for music since TLC’s CrazySexyCool album. Don’t get me wrong, I love music. Not an aficionado by any means, but I spend  a lot of time listening to music, and I’m always down to hear a new artist or song that matches my interests.

However I’m cheap/often broke lol. If I actually bought a CD or concert ticket every time I love a song or want to see an artist, I’d be even broker than I already am. Which is why my heart hurts a lil bit every time I hear one of my favorite artists is in town for a concert, and I know I’d be out of my mind if I pretended I could afford a ticket lol. One day though, when my financial situation is a tad less perilous, (and of course provided that these artists are still popular/active) I’m definitely keeping a list of tours I need to hit.

#1: Jill Scott
Lovelovelovelovelove this woman. Amazing singer, amazing poet, intelligent, poignant writer, she has yet to make an album that I don’t absolutely love from start to finish. And the woman just exudes power, I can only imagine how great she is in concert. I’d be there hanging out in the front row, singing along with every word, no doubt :) I don’t even have anything else to say about her, just that she’s unbelievable. lol. Birthday present,anybody? lol.

#2: Corrine Bailey Rae
This one is an actual possibility in the near future! She’s coming to Atlanta in May, and the tickets are actually affordable… and I can’t lie, I was waiting VERY anxiously for her second album, and it blew my expectations out of the water :) And if I can stop being so loose with my $$, maybe I’ll be able to cross this one off the list!

#3: Maxwell
Oooooh goodness, where do I start lol. The silky voice, the music you can’t help but think of when you want to get close to someone (that scene from “Love and Basketball”, anyone?), and lets not forget the man is GORGEOUS lol. If I wasn’t convinced the man was playing for the other team, he’d definitely be near the top of my Backup-Husband List (you know, if that whole F thing doesn’t work out :-P). But I’d be alllll over seeing him in concert.

#4: John Mayer
Yes, he’s a jerk. Yes I remember the Playboy article. And no, I don’t care lol. Has the man ever given the impression he wasn’t a jerk? Rule of thumb: artists should not be judged for what comes out of their mouths between songs or concerts. We’re paying the man to make music, and darnit, he knows what he’s doing. fanTASTIC guitarist, and I love his lyrics. Extra points if I manage to see a JMT performance over a big production.

#5: Erykah Badu
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the last few days since her most recent video release, you can agree: This chick is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. She is the epitome of an artist to me, doesn’t care what ANYBODY thinks about her music, her persona, her additude, her body, her message, her Twitter, (lol). She does what she wants, and with that additude she has not ceased to get better and better and better with every song. Her eclecticism gives her such an edge over like, EVERYBODY in the game right now, how could I not want to see her live one day? (since I wasn’t in Dallas that day lol).

So this is my tentative list, anybody y’all think I should add? Later y’all :)


2 Responses to “Dreams of a Broke Music Lover”

  1. sounds like me, minus the broke part. none of the good artists (your list) ever come my way =\i do plan to see1. Erykah Badu2. Jill Scott &&3. John Mayeri would LOVE to see Lauryn Hill and Floetry one day as well.*i love your default picture. your beautiful!*

  2. Awww thanks :) Back at you! And I can't believe I forgot to put Floetry on my list! lol. Thanks for the reminder lol :)

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