Various Updates….

Hey y’all! Happy March :)

I hope you all are having better weather than we are down in the deep south…. If we don’t break 70 degrees soon, I’m going to freak. lol

Hair Update: So I’m mildly convinced that my hair has stopped growing… but I’m going to actively convince myself that it’s all in my head. lol. I’ve pretty much nailed down a routine that seems to be working, and my hair feels moisturized and healthy. But I’ve dreamed of a massive block-views-in-movie-theaters-way-too-much-ridiculous-hair-for-my-own-good ‘Fro, so it’s entirely possible that I’m just being impatient lol.

Current Routine:
Henna treatment: Every 3-4 weeks
Deep Treatment: Once a week. I made my own this month: shea butter, castor and jojoba oils, glycerin, and a generous amount of Suave Naturals Condish; followed by a chilly water rinse
Daily Moisturizer: some combination of my spray bottle mix (Suave Naturals Condish, currently Wild Cherry Blossom, but I’ll be going back to Ocean Breeze once this bottle is empty, water, jojoba oil, and a smidge of castor oil and glycerine) and Lustrasilk Olive Oil Cholesterol (both do wonnnnnnnnders for my twist-outs. )
Co-Wash: every 2-3 days or so, using Either Aussie “Moist” or Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Condish, followed up with Wild Growth Hair Oil and a handful of my Shealoe blend
Shampoo: Raaaaaaaaaaaarely, usually after henna treatments, but I use Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Soap, which I love lots and lots :)


It seems like a lot, but it’s been working, so I can deal lol. most recent pic of my mini-fro:

And yes. I have been taking most of my hair pics in the bathroom at work. don’t judge me lol. I have noticed that my edges are (finally) returning though!!! Which was one of my main goals after the horrendous result of my last non-natural salon experience. If you’re feeling supportive, please reassure me that I’m not crazy, and I won’t have  TWA for the rest of my life lol.

New mantra: “I will NOT obsess about my hair (at least not in a crazy way). It IS growing, I just need to be patient.”

What else is new……Oh, right. Though all my most artsy-fartsy-culturally curious friends have sadly departed the ATL area (I miss you tons KE and BL!!!!) I’ve decided to make a date with myself this weekend to go to Apache Cafe and enjoy their weekly spoken word event this Sunday. I haven’t been to Apache in literally over a year, so I’m hella excited. I’m feeling an itch to get my neo-soul on for once in a looooooooooong time. *smile*

In other news…. though we had an AMAZING weekend together, sadly F has returned to the Arctic (a.k.a. Ann Arbor, MI lol. ) Ugh as icky as this whole long distance bull has been, it does happen to make the visits we do get soooo much more special. It is true what they say: “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. I may be more irritable with him over the phone when the lack of face-to-face contact is getting on my nerves, but as annoying as I can get, clearly I still love him to bits :) We had a great time though; pedicures, amaaaaaaaaaaazing dinner (Everybody in the ATL area needs to find an excuse to go to Wisteria in the Inman Park area…. fan TASTIC food.) shopping, wine and desserts,  late night walks in Buckhead, goofing off with our “baby” Tiger (lol jk, thought Tiger was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay excited to see him again.). It was a great weekend, and as always it was amazing getting to spend time with my love :) Still can’t believe our 4-Year Anniversary is coming up… (!!!!!!). Time definitely flies.

Anyhoo, I didn’t want to be a negligent blogger, since in my head there are actually people who read this regularly lol. Thanks for the support blogworld. Catch y’all sometime later :)


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  1. Tey!I always love reading your blog. Your hair definitely looks fabulous…and as I recently learned in Anatomy and Physiology II… your hair does stop growing. It goes through 3 stages.. Anagen- growth, Catagen-when growth stops, Telogen- resting phase… and you would think I got an A on the test.. anyways..glad I could drop some knowledge!-VanB

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