I am not my hair… dammit.

So I experienced my first “hair profiling” situation today….  I was not amused.

Here’s how it went down. I’m minding my own business at the bus station on my way home today. Left early to try and beat the Georgia Driver Snow Freak-out…. wasn’t successful. *Sigh*. driving 2 miles up Peachtree should NOT have taken that long. There was a guy who actually beat the bus WALKING for 6 blocks. Eventually he got on, just because he was cold. lol. Anyways, I digress.

So there I am, waiting for my bus, reading my book (“Manchild in the Promise Land”, by Claude Brown. GREAT book, resurrected it from my high school days.) Cue the befuddled old man with an interest in Af.Am literature.

Old Man: “Can you tell me what year that book was printed?! It’s one of my favorites!!”

Me: “It’s a pretty old copy, 1965. It was cheaper than the copy my highschool tried to sell me [forced cordial laughter]”

Old Man: That’s fantastic. That’s the copy I bought, the year that I joined the Nation. It’s so amazing to be an Imam, I’ve done it for 18 years……

And he’s off!!! Topics included his time in the Nation, meeting Malcolm X, Farrakahn, starting his own house cleaning service with “just the lady across the road”, the problem with Old Negroes in todays society (yes, he said “Old Negroes”), The Nation, The millionaire he’s worked for for 15 years who bought him a dog, “moving on up” from the West End to Buckhead, becoming afro-centric and buying his first kente cloth, The Nation, How black people need to rebel more,  Living in “the North”, Meeting permed-up Al Sharpton, The Nation…. I had officially had it when he used this line: “I can tell that you understand what I mean about the state of us negroes these days, on account of your hair.”

What?! So just because I have chosen to rock a natural ‘do, all of a sudden I’m a militant, power-to-the people, fist pumping Nation of Islam recruit? Seriously? I was doing my best nodding politely until that comment, but I was too through from that point on. Definitely faked a phonecall. lol. I had to get out.

Yea aside from the unnecessary rambling, I’m not a fan of people assuming things about me because of my hair. Just because I don’t have a relaxer/weave doesn’t have anything to do with my political/religious beliefs. Or any other beliefs for that matter.

< /rant>



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