"Funny People"… Fail.

Ok, so through the magic of Netflix, I got the Judd Apatow movie “Funny People” this week. Let me just say I was REALLY excited for this movie to come up in my queue. I thought the trailers looked funny, and you can’t go wrong with Judd Apatow Adam Sandler and Seth Rogan, right? “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, “Knocked Up”? Basically EVERY Billy Madison film ever? These are Funny People….. *pun intended lol*. So this one should be a hit….


This movie is depressing, Start to finish, aside from some brief bouts of chuckles from the standup routines,  I have never experienced such an incorrectly titled movie ever. I haven’t even been able to get all the way through it, I get so bored and disappointed that I have to stop. So I’m giving this foolishness one more time…. Watching it this morning and then I’m sending it back.

Honestly the most amusing part of the whole film was Aziz Ansari’s “Coldstone Creamery” set. (Please Google this clip, it’s very entertaining lol.)

Maybe it’s just that Seth Rogen doesn’t do sad. *sigh*.

Judd, please go back to funny movies. no more sickness-induced angst.


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