My, how the time flies…

Hello world!

So this is a big week for me, I have a couple important days that I’m going to recognize. In about 2 hours, I hit my 3 month “Nappiversary” lol, aka officially 3 months since the night of my BC! I’ll post pics of my hair so far sometime tomorrow probably.

Aaaaaaaaaaand, this coming friday, “Go with all your heart”, this blog, will officially be one year old!!!! I still can hardly believe I’ve managed to maintain this long, I’m pretty proud of myself . I think this is the longest running blog I’ve ever maintained EVER. And I really appreciate the fact that there are people out there who actually take time out of their lives to check the often mindless chatter that I post lol. Thanks for reading! Hope y’all will be around next year :)

Anyways, I’ll put up a more lengthy and appreciative post on Friday lol. Right now, I have sleep to catch up on, before a day of patient interaction and paper research @ work tomorrow. Adios!



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