Sniffles, Sniffles, Go Away….

Ugh I hate being sick. My recent diet of decongestants and Tropicana seems to be working, seeing as I haven’t gotten any worse, but it’s still irritating lol. But I guess I should count my blessings…. I know 3 people who have gotten the Piggy Flu, 1 with Mono, and 1 with Strep…. so I guess a case of the sniffles is no biggie. Along that vein, I thought these were HI-larious:

Tee Hee :) I’m honestly surprised I haven’t gotten sick yet, what with all the people in this hospital who never seemed to learn the “Cover-your-mouth-when-you-cough/sneeze-especially-if-you-seem-to-have-the-plague” rule. Ick. I’ll be fiendishly and obsessively stalking the alcohol hand cleanser boxes from now until March. lol.
In other news, taking out my braids tomorrowwwww *happy dance*. I’ll definitely post pics afterwards. It’s funny, now that my braids are getting kinda old and fuzzy and huge, and it’s such a hassle to put it into a pony tail, I’ve worn it out and crazy to work, and people keep calling me Chaka lol. The Techie-Ladies on my floor(who strangely enough, all have natural hair…. lol) LOVE it, but they’re equally excited to see my hair after the braids. They’re so sweet :) Aaaanyways, that’s enough out of me for today Adios ;-)

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