New Years Resolutions….

With 2 weeks or so and counting until 2010, it’s about time to come up with a list, don’t you think?

Yes, yes, I know how notoriously lame New Years Resolutions are lol, but who doesn’t love random silly traditions? And in the spirit of all around self-improvement, I think this year is a must. I did pretty well with last years resolutions (keeping this blog up, reading more, spending less time as a lump on my couch lol) so only onwards and upwards, I say! Ok here I go.

1. No More Micros. I’m ditching the braids after New Years next week, so I’ll be forced to interface directly with my own hair lol. Lets see how much I’m working with by the 6 Month mark… (April 24, 2010).

2. Finish Decorating my Apartment. I FINALLY got the bookshelves I’ve been lusting after…. Now I need curtains, a rug, a strategically placed plant, and at least 2 Lamps…. Even the place only starts to look home-y as I’m moving out, I WILL cram more furniture in there lol.

3. Be better with my $$$. I’m a notoriously impulsive shopper. Groceries, Clothes, Drinks, Shoes…. It really should stop. Any financially minded friends out there want to help out? We all know I can barely count. lol.

4. Work on Grad School Apps/GRE. Can’t forget the end-goal, after all: Must. Get. In. To. Grad School. Daddy Dearest already freaked when he heard I wasn’t planning on going back to school until  Fall 2011, gotta make sure I hit that mark or the poor man may lose it altogether lol.

5. Get better at keeping in touch.  Yeah, this one may be more difficult… *sigh* but I’m trying. I’m terrible, lol. Phonecalls are coming, I promise! And just because it’s been a while since you heard from me doesn’t mean I don’t love/miss you.

6. Get more…. *sigh* exercise. Thank GOD I have a dog lol, because otherwise this one would be a negative. I can commit to two long walks with Tiger though. I mean he’s just so cute. lol.

Alright blog friends, it’s up to y’all to keep me in line. After the clock strikes 00:00:00 on January 1, it’s on. Wish me luck…. :)


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