"Up In The Air", by Walter Kirn

Hello there world, time for another book review from me. The reading odyssey is still in full swing, and I just knocked out “Up In The Air”, by Walter Kirn. Great plane book (obviously, lol) Light, entertaining, witty, with just enough emotionality and drama to keep it from being a stupid book about a guy who flies too much. (Basic Premise: Ryan Bingham is sick of his job, but loves the company-funded flying, and is chasing down his millionth Frequent Flyer Mile.)

Bingham was fun, he was slightly neurotic, secretly critical of everything, and the book turned out to be a quick, easy read. Some of the backstories got a little confusing, but it helps to support the overall idea that he’s kind of losing his mind, and his time in Airworld is at an end. Because once you’ve reached a million Frequent Flyer Miles (All within the country, by the way…. that man flies a LOT.) what else is there to do? I think I’d give up flying for good after that.

One thing I did love was his descriptions of “Airworld” (the alternate reality between TSA Security and Baggage Claim). Especially since I started the book on my flight back from home, I kept looking up and realizing, “he’s right, it IS like that.” lol. The whole book kind of felt like a conversation between a row-mate on a plane, enough details to keep you from nodding off or switching seats, but not so much that you go skipping down the jetway hand in hand after landing. I can’t wait to see the movie :)


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