Positive Affirmations…

Dragging my feet this morning. Need a pickup if I’m going to survive my interview this morning….so lets focus on the positive, shall we?

1: I woke up this morning. And when I did, I did so with a roof over my head, food in my fridge, and stuff to call my own.

2: I have friends and family who love me (even though sometimes I’m too much of a homebody/ too caught up in myself to remember it/acknowledge it.)

2.5: My puppy loves me too.

3: As maddeningly-slowly as it’s happening, my hair is growing. Crazy ‘fro, here I come. :)

4: I have a job, and though it can get me down from time to time, I am setting myself up for the career I want, and that is gooooood.

5: I get to see my boyfriend soon (Love you :)

5.5: I have a boyfriend again, lol.

6. It’s almost Christmas! Definitely my favorite holiday.

That seems like a good start. Anyways, I’ll be enjoying the Christmas music floating in from the next cube over until interview time. Happy Monday, y’all :)

Oh yeah, finished another book this morning (the bus was late… and I powered through the end of it to take my mind off the bitter cold lol. *sigh*.) My take on “Up in the Air” coming soon.


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