Not a "Pretty Girl".

So, I’ve been kinda pensive lately, and I’ve  been pondering.

What defines a “pretty girl”? Not in the “Greek” sense, not in the “Model” sense, what defines what a normal, every day, normal attractive female is?

Is it how many randoms accost you on a regular  basis? Is it how many people you’ve dated? Is it what you see in the mirror? Is it how confident you are? I mean I know there are conventional, societal standards of beauty (over 5’7″ tall, less than 120 pounds, white or light skinned/white, long hair, moderate-excessive ass/boobs lol…… and I only meet 1 1/2 of those criteria lol). But as far as us “Normal” chicks go, what defines what is “pretty” or “fly” or “hot” or “sexy” or whatever the acceptable term is these days?

If I go by the standards of the veritable scrubs who approach/accost/visually molest me on a daily basis, it comes down to a few things: big boobs, big butt, and and a moderately attractive face (no matter how it’s construed, I’m not entirely convinced that my face fits into the “genuinely attractive” box; lips too big, eyes too squinty, face too round, lips too in-between; maybe that’s just an insecurity thing lol.). And yet, grody looking, less than appealing individuals seem to find me at least passably attractive. 

I mean I know that F thinks I’m beautiful, but he’s biased lol. But how seriously should I take the opinions of the rest of the world?

I mean let me not sound like a total Debbie Downer; I have come to accept and appreciate my features for what they are. I like the way I look, even though some may not. I’ve accepted that I’ll never be a skinny girl: I like food and I hate the gym. So sue me. As much as I used to hate my big nose and too-small eyes and big butt and big boobs, I’ve found ways to deal with them. They may not always cooperate the way I want, but I’m at peace with my flaws.

In some ways though, I think that should be what matters. I mean yeah, randoms may accost me, but I retain the self-confidence to turn them down. On some level. be it physical or something deeper than that, I know my own value, even if the rest of the world may rate me lower or higher than my own head does (and lets be honest, the criteria within my own head is way harsh).  And even though my own self-rating may waver depending on the day of the week, at the end of the day,  I can be honest enough to say that  though by conventional standards, I’m not exactly a “pretty girl”, I can deal. At the very least, I’m happy with what I’ve got. That should be enough…



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