Dog Owners are wierd.

I have a puppy. His name is Tiger. He looks like this:

Likes: His squeaky ball, his chew-bones, people food, beer, plastic bottles,  moving cars, moving people, moving leaves, wind, moving pebbles, basically anything that moves, other dogs.

Dislikes: standing still, baths, water, rain, puddles, the leash.

I’ve had him for about 6 months now, and I’ve discovered that dog owners are bizarre people. Myself included lol. I realized the other day, out of the BILLIONS of dogs and owners in this building, I know the name of at least half the dogs we encounter regularly (Lola, George, Walter, Max, “Other” Max, Zoe, Duke, Macy, Bailey… etc.) and yet, I can’t remember the names of any of the human beings associated with these dogs. lol. And they don’t know my name either, though I know we exchanged this information; Everytime I run into one of them withOUT Tiger it’s always “That’s Tiger’s Mommy”. Not, “That’s Asante”. lol.

And I can’t even hate, because I’ve done the same. I recognize all the dog owners, but only know their dogs names. And even know details about many of them; “Other Max” doesn’t like puppies, Macy is 4 years old, Lola is a purebred pitbill, Walter has a bad hip, Zoe came from the Humane Society. Their owners, however, are a blur. I can’t remember a single name. Isn’t that sad?

*sigh*. From now on, I’m gonna try to get to know the OWNERS, not just the dogs.


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