Why Can’t I Just Be Me? (Part 2)

Highlight of my week these days? Wednesday night Happy Hour @ Steel. (Although we need a new place, people, lol. Bartenders shouldn’t be recognizing us.)

Good time unwinding with even better friends is always made more enjoyable by a random encounters, such as with Jason and Mo, creators of “The Dirty Boys Social Club” (Coming to a TV near you hopefully in the near future!)

There they are. (Mo’s on the left). Probably two of the most interesting people I’ve ever met lol, they were fantastic. As you can see, Jason is the talkative one. Lol. Spurred by a comment about hip hop, we launched into a long conversation about what it means to be “black” these days. And I swear, somewhere the hallelujiah chorus started singing lol, I have wanted to seriously explore this conversation for a loooong time, because it’s something that always seems to come up among groups of black folk, but I feel is never resolved.

The basic gist of the convo (and what Jason was in the middle of discussing) is that bottom line: your “blackness” is what you make it. AMEN brother lol.  I mean lets be honest: if you take a stereotypical Black female in the U.S.A.,  what comes to mind? (hint: Think BET. lol) I can’t even count how many black people I know who don’t even come CLOSE to fitting that bill, myself included. And everytime I think I’m fine just doing me, trying to blend in, there is a voice:

“Why does she talk like that?”

“What are you listening to? Real black people don’t like music like that.”
“Why are you dressed like a white girl?”

“Oh you’ve never [Insert piece of stereotypical black culture here]? Turn in your Black Card!”

People, cut it out.

FACT: I’m a person, who happens to be black. African, to be more specific. But there’s plenty more that can be used to describe me, and it doesn’t have to fall into any sort of category.

I can follow Ludacris up with Cartel on my iTunes. I can speak proper English. My male counterparts can wear clothes that fit, or shun the term “ay shawty”. I can do more with my money than buy jewelery or rims, and aspire to be more than a video-ho. Doesn’t mean I’m “bougie” or need my “Black Card” taken. I’m just as black as the next person. I just chose to take it in a different direction.

Props to Jason and Mo :)


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