Big Chop!

I still kinda can’t believe I did it lol. Reader’s Digest Version:

-I took my braids out over the course of about 4-5 hours last night. My ends looked RAGGED lol. Like damn near miserable lol.

-Hopped in the shower to co-wash/detangle/deep condition… And my relaxed ends rapidly started to tangle. After about 10 minutes of trying to salvage them, I realized how retarded that tactic was when I wanted them gone anyways. So, hopped back out of the shower, and…

So long unhealthy hair :) As difficult as cutting my hair has been in the past (I’m talking down right sobbing when my hair has tangled/needed to be chopped after braids) this time around I was cheesing at my self in the mirror the whole time haha. I’m half tempted to skip my braid appointment tomorrow…. Nah I’ll let it rest for now, I’m too excited, I might mess with it too much lol. (I can’t stop touching my hair… lol and I keep finding patches of relaxed ends and running to the bathroom with my scissors LOL.) But I’m definitely going to rock my lil TWA out tonight…. :)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m officially all natural :)



3 Responses to “Big Chop!”

  1. TWA = Teeny Weeny Afro. There's a whole world of natural hair lingo i have to learn…. haha

  2. Too cute!!! Welcome to the club, girlie

  3. So I'm pretty late, but your hair looks soo amazing! It's cute, cute, and more cute! Welcome to the "natural world"!

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