So about this whole, "I have a full time job" thing…

“We’re adults. When did that happen? And… how do we make it stop?”
–Meredith Grey, Season 1, Grey’s Anatomy

Ooooh this work thing is sucking the life out of me. Ugh. i was literally DRAGGING all day today, could barely keep my eyes open, not to mention spending the entire day scouting for places I might be able to take a nap unnoticed. professional? Probably not. Necessary? 100%. lol.  I mean yea, I guess I should be grateful I have a job, AND it’s a job that pays well (sort of…) AND it’s a job that interests me, AND it’s a job that will help get me into Grad School, AND it’s a job that teaches a lot… but do they have to keep me so darn busy? Lol goodness.

Sooo much on my plate this week… but I guess it all paid off. my ISTSS poster is Done, i have a presentation to show for it, I can put all the BASC foolishness behind me (temporarily, anyways) and my supervisors keep telling me I’m doing a great job, so that’s good, right? *sigh* Maybe I’m just exhausted.

Good enough reason to skip the gym today? I think so lol.


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