Blog Rehab…

Ok so note to self: just because I don’t THINK people read this thing, doesn’t mean they won’t/don’t.  To my more faithful readers, you may have noticed some topics have disappeared… it was indeed purposeful lol. Got a large dose of reality the other day. The internet is a crazy thing. Trying not to stress over it, so if you want details, you know how to contact me.

Anyways, hella random, but am I the only person who is in love with the “Kylie” Windows 7 Commercials???? Omg she is precious. Every time i see one it brings a huge smile to my face lol.

She is just TOO CUTE!!! I honestly don’t even have an opinion about the Windows OS coming out, I’m just a huge Kylie fan. lol.  You go girl. :)

Anyhoo, in the process of restricting my blog, I’ve cultivated a few new readers (hello y’all :) Hopefully you’ll stick around (maybe even Follow!) I’ve also been discovering friend-blogs of mine who I didn’t realize were bloggers, as well as getting more engrossed in other people’s whose blogs I’ve been reading (in particular, shout out to KTC @ and Isi @ !!!) If you’re bored with me (lol) check them out; while my blog is a veritable ranting ground, both of theirs have actual purposes…. accountability for self improvement is always worth following. And I’m rooting for the both of you! ♥

Blogging >Twitter lol. It’s all about substantive writing, not mini-messages lol :) and of course, much love to my few, but fabulous followers :)


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