Laaaaaaaaaazy Sunday.

Hey there blog world, got some catch-up to play today.

Best part about Sundays, is I can sit on the couch all day and as long as there are men in tights and shoulder pads running back and forth on my TV, I can’t be judged lol. Sweeeeeeeet. :) I like football, but not enough to be glued to the screen unless the Skins are playing (or as the case may be, losing. *sigh*).  The rest of the time though, I’ve begrudgingly had to trade my couch-time for gym time… I’m getting fat lol. Been trying a kickboxing class this past week and while i LOVE it (mad crazy fun, and I lost 3 pounds in the first week, with only 3 classes!) it’s waaaaaaaaaay too expensive. So after my free trial expires… gotta try something else. I hate “the gym”. Honestly if i’m gonna keep this up it’s gonna take something more interesting than staring at the back of someone’s head as I run in place on a treadmill…. ugh. I don’t even want to think about it. I’ll stay focused on the little kickbox man who’ll be kicking my ass for free 3 more times lol.

On other fronts, my love life lately has been…. messy.  Just confusing and frustrating, it just seems like every time something good happens, and we (F and I) make some progress… a new wrinkle forms. Things are just weird, i don’t know, I think I just need to put more distance between me and the incident that started all of this… definitely wouldn’t say I’m over it yet. And on the other end, there’s still a lot of uncharted territory between me and the eventual resolution of all of this. I know where I want it to end, but how and when are still up in the air. And then when these situations pop up where what I need right now doesn’t match up with what he wants, I feel like such a bitch. Like I’m wrong for not being in a place where I can readily handle it. I mean I was hurt; coming back from that isn’t easy, no matter how much I want to. I just don’t want the reason we resolve this to be that we were just lonely. In my eyes, the nature of the situation is that the only way to resolve it is where there’s no doubt, no mistrust, no suspicion left. It has to be right, or there’s no closure, ya know? And I’m not there yet. *sigh*.

Like i said, Messy.(Note: reading that paragraph back, I realize that it was kind of cryptic. Some details just weren’t meant to be put on the internet though… sorry y’all.)

My weekend was pretty decent… Spent friday night in the hood… Womp. Someone please remind me to stay out of Decatur at night… no matter how free the drinks are. The even wasn’t quite my speed, my interests have definitely drifted to more low-key events. At least i only payed 10 bucks. Saturday was more fun, spent the rainy afternoon shopping with one of my very good friends, and then discovered a new bar @ the W hotel nearby.  Definitely think I’ll be going back, very classy place :) Ran into this neighbor-boy of mine who has been attempting to get on my good side recently, but that was a disappointing encounter. Remind me to re-read the chapter of Steve Harvey’s book on how every man has an agenda…. smh. Public Service Announcement: running into a neighbor-girl you like at a club does not mean that she will end up seeing you again when you get home. We ALL know what a 3 am text message means, and some of us have standards, lol. And I’m not compromising mine. Plus I was eye level in my 4 inch heels…. booo. Done-done.

Lastly (and I know this post has been hella long lol, if you’ve made it this far, I applaud you!) I finally picked up a new book, “Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris. VERY amusing so far, and I’ve only read two chapters. A lot lighter than the last book I finished, which by the end was reading more like a philosophy text book than a novel lol. Milan Kundera is a great writer, but sometimes it seemed like he was psychoanalyzing the characters in parallel to the text, which got distracting. Anyways, the reading odyssey continues :)

That’s enough for today. And I promise to actually post more frequently to avoid these novel-length posts in the future :)


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