Freaky Car Feature…

So i just saw a TV commercial that I’m not sure what to think about….

It was a commercial for OnStar, where they showed the POV of a cop in a car, getting a call about a stolen Chevy Tahoe. The cop locates the car, OnStar flashes the taillights of the car without the knowledge of the car thief, and then remotely slows the car down so that the cop can catch him. Now I’m not the type of person who would ever try to steal a car, and I’m all for tracking down car thieves, but that just strikes me as a feature that is WIDE open to abuse… by the police, by nosy parents, prankster friends…. I dunno. I really used to like the Tahoe. Someone remind me to opt out of the OnStar feature when I buy mine. lol.

Check out the details [Here].


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