"I know to you, it might sound strange…."

I have always loved it when it rained.

Today I was lucky enough to have it be raining both when I left and when I got home (I spend most of my work day inside an office with no windows lol) and it made me strangely happy. Yeah, I know it’s strange, black girls and rain are supposed to be mortal enemies (one more point for natural hair :) But ever since I was a kid, once I got over the thunder and lightning thing, I was hooked.

I used to sit up nights when it was raining hard and watch lightning, and I’d sleep like a baby after. And even a few minutes ago, my walk home from the bus stop, as soggy as it was, was unbelievably relaxing. After the loooong day that I had (while it was rewarding, I had a late-starting, long, emotional interview today) just walking home, getting my feet wet in a puddle and hearing the rain hitting my umbrella was awfully rejuvenating.


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