Rough couple weeks… *sigh*

Slowly getting myself back to normal.

It’s been almost three weeks that I’ve been…. “single” (I’m still not sure how I feel about that term.. :-/) and it just feels weird. I don’t like saying “ex-boyfriend” or the unsightly fading heart shaped tan on my finger. We’re talking, but it’s still hella awkward between us. Hopefully this gets better,  but I just don’t know where a lot of this is going at this point. ick. lol.

New on my homefront: I’m taking my photography interest to the next level! Had my dad send me his old film camera (which, knowing him, I’ll have to eventually just pick up from home all by myself lol.) So I can take it to the persnickety man at the Camera Doctor shop who scoffed at my interest in digital photograpy. (jerk.) And with a couple months of saving, I’ll be able to go buy my own digital camera, to give myself a lil versatility. I reeeeeeally want to take some photo classes too, if I can afford it. Or maybe I’ll just fool around on my own. It is cheaper…. lol

Also, my loves came into town for Labor Day weekend, which did LOADS to get me out of my funk. I really needed that… Now that I’ve realized which of my friends are worth holding on to, I don’t want to give myself any excuses to let those relationships lapse. Te amo chiquitas! :) You all saved me from an eternity locked in my apartment lol, you don’t even realize.

Secondly, I’m in love.

With this bag. lol, Marc Jacobs is awesome! I need more things like this in my life. but maybe that would require me saving my money…. might be a lil bit of a problem. Anyways, nothing of particular importance to say today, just felt like putting fingers to keyboard. (yes, a pathetic attempt at turning “pen to paper” digital. the digital world has outpaced our colloquialisms… lol. )

Anyways, I’ll be around.


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