Today is a good day :)

I’m on a ROLL with my blogging lately lol, go me :)

Hello world! I’m in a strangely good mood today (only strange because I’ve been a little sluggish the last few days) and I’ve got random stuff to say so here we go lol. New things happening:

1. My puppy, though i love him to bits, is driving me nuts lol. He’s literally eating my walls! He’s chewed up all the floor moulding, and it’s sooooo frustrating to come home and find strips of paint missing…. *sigh*. However we did have a lot of fun at the puppy park yesterday (and I’m thinking that this needs to be at the very least a weekly trip, he’s such a DOLL when we get home from there lol. he’s tired and he’s quiet and he’s just the sweetest thing ever. Now that I’m thinking about it, i don’t think I ever actually mentioned my little badass puppy before, so I’ll make sure to post some pictures of him soon. (maybe i’ll even take them on my crackberry!!!) lol.)

2. The hair saga officially begins tomorrow! I have a braid appointment, and I’m pretty psyched. Now all I have to do is actually decide how I want the braids done…. hmmm… curly? wavy? straight? who knows. I have recently developed a bad habit of staring at girls with natural hair though… lol not in a creepy way, more like a “maybe-if-i-stare-hard-enough-she’ll-tell-me-how-she-handles-her-hair” way. yea ok that’s probably still a little creepy. I’m working on it. Plus I don’t really remember how my hair acts sans-perm, so i need inspiration for what I’m going to DO with it. lol. whatevs, I’ll figure something out.

3. My birthday is in a week!!!! Definitely consider it a personal holiday, so I’m hella excited about that. I’m turning 22… not a very exciting number, but who cares lol. Hopefully my bestie(s?) will be making the trip down to help me celebrate like last year, but we’ll have to see about that one. And speaking of holidays, Miami for Labor Day weekend? Yes please lol.

4. F is leaving in 2 weeks :( which will be SOO weird!! I’ve gotten so used to him being here everyday, and now he’s going back to the expansive iceblock more commonly known as Michigan…. booooo. But with my more steady cash flow hopefully I’ll be able to visit him more often. Having him around all summer was good for us though, helped to dissipate some of the issues with the distance and all. Hopefully it will last… *crosses fingers*.

Anyways, technically I’m at work, and should at least feign productivity lol. Off I go.


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