The Saga begins…..

This post is about hair. Mine, in particular. Which, at the moment, has gone off the deep end. My hair has always been…. challenging, shall we say, but I’ve decided to take it in a completely new direction, thanks to some serious thought and encouragement from my godsis (<3 you!)

I’m going natural.

That’s it. No more perm bull****, i’m just too through. My most recent hairdresser (who will not be named…. lets call her B.) has managed to slowly but surely damage the hell out of my hair, and just kept quietly cutting it shorter and shorter to cover it up (!!!!) Seriously? I mean yes, I’ve been rocking the short cut (which i loved, and am going to miss a lil bit), but when it gets to the point where my style is significantly shorter than I intended and there are thinning spots on my scalp that she conveniently covered up (again, !!!!) It’s time to move on. So long, B.

That was the final straw, but honestly, I’ve tried everything else on the planet (perm, weave, pressed) but nothing ever really worked unless i just left the darn stuff alone and let it do what it wants lol. So I’m going to finally let it do just that. I’m taking the braid route for now, until i get some length going (braids never steered me wrong, shame on me for forsaking you lol). Searching for a braider in ATL was an ordeal of its own though, even though some good came out of it. I discovered a fanTASTIC natural hair salon (up the street from B’s salon… LOL) and even though I won’t be using their services for a while ($450 for one set of braids? Never that. EVER.) their products look amazing. And I was loving the vibe there, especially the following interaction:

KinkyCurlyGirly: So you’re going natural?
Me: Yeah, FINALLY. I’m just so tired of fighting my hair, you
KCG: Yay!!! Congrats, you’re going to look so pretty with natural
Me: Aww you think so?
KCG: Yea, good luck sweetie!

Cue the warm fuzzies lol. I take that as a good omen, even if the price wasn’t. I have an appointment for braids this weekend, so it’s official! Here’s my intended timeline….

August 2009: Braids, braids, braids. I think I’m looking at about 6 months of this before I chop off all the perm, see what I’m working with.

February 2010: Chop chop!!! Another 2-4 Months of braids.

April or June 2010: Bye Bye braids, hello nappy hair lol. I figure a year of growth will give me a good starting point for me to start actually interacting with my curls… (read: naps lol.)

I am excited though :) and to my real hair, can’t wait to be reintroduced. It’s been a loooong time.


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