My Crazy Summer begins…

Ok so it hasn’t been THAT crazy. After all, with a full time job to handle, who has time for such things? lol. But it has been rather eventful lately. New on the homefront, I bought a puppy! And he’s precious. He’s mildly neurotic, but we’re working on that one lol. It’s crazy how quick I snapped into the routine of caring for him, and how quickly we’ve bonded :) I’m ecstatic to have him (and more ecstatic for the “chewing” phase to end…. *sigh*). It’s been about a week so far, and he’s doing really well. I’m proud of him! I also just got back from a trip to Memphis. A trip that not only was a ridiculously enjoyable and relaxing break from the norm to bond with relatives, but it also managed to solidify my need to get some art back in my life. My cousin’s husband, David, is a fan-bloody-tastic artist, and i got the chance to see some of his work, as well as the gallery where he is renting studio space. I must say, Jay Etkin’s Gallery is unbelievable. I was totally floored, it was such an eclectic and beautiful and powerful and deeply rooted and random collection that I was just about falling over myself to take it all in. I know I must have looked like a complete fool, running around from piece to piece just enjoyingit all. It definitely gave me the itch, and I would KILL for the chance to do some artwork right now…. lol. I think I’m going to the art store ASAP.

Aside: Little known fact about me. I’m an artist. Albeit, not a spectacular one, but I dabble. Mostly sketching, my art teacher in highschool used to say that paintbrushes aren’t my friend lol, but i can meander my way across a canvas somewhat. Right now I want to get into photography though. I’m working on getting a respectable camera into my posession (my little Sony is nice, but it’s nowhere near the quality and versatility I’m looking for.) Maybe a photography class is in my future…. who knows. I do need a hobby… And once I get the camera and the classes, it’d be a relatively cheap one (paint/canvas/paper/charcoal/GOOD pencils are not cheap lol.)

Anyways, back to Jay’s gallery. I promised I’d do some publicizing for him, but honestly, the work speaks for itself. Check it out.

His collection focuses on Ethnographic and Modern Art. Again, i dabbled a bit with the angles and the composition of the shots etc… not half bad, right? :) All in all it was a great weekend, and i’ve been thoroughly inspired to expand my world inside and out. More art for me!

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