The Pursuit of Happyness

As i finally start to relax and get used to the fact that Spring Break really REALLY has started, i’m in the mood for a “happy list”. things in the past few days/weeks that i realized have put a smile on my face (and which i probably should experience more often lol). Here goes. (in no particular order… just what pops into my head)

  1. Bright pink nail polish. I don’t know what it is, but I’m obsessed with this color lol
  2. Sun dresses
  3. The SUN, and temperatures above 65
  4. Contrarily, being snowed in at home with my family, which was actually really nice
  5. Finishing books I borrow from the library
  6. Hearing from F when I’m not expecting it
  7. Spending time with important friends (i.e. friends important to me, not in their own right lol)
  8. Getting ready for graduation (!!!)
  9. Lots of kitsch-y jewelery
  10. BIG sunglasses. I’m talking half-my-face lol. (Sorry F :)
  11. Facebook videos from my sister, particularly those featuring my niece lol
  12. Realizing my sister is going to college
  13. Exciting trips
  14. People who look at my tattoos and appreciate, not admonish
  15. My job, and the people I work with (…. most of them.)

I’m so grateful for all of these things… especially in the face of the week-long stress free block the universe (and the university, i guess) are currently serving up. Oh Spring Break, how I missed thee :)


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